Immunization Project

The Immunization Project is dedicated to developing, implementing and evaluating strategies to help keep Houston area children free of vaccine preventable diseases.


The Immunization Project is designed to help Texas Children's Hospital achieve its vision of committing to a community of healthy children by providing the finest possible pediatric patient care, education and research. We are dedicated to developing, implementing and evaluating strategies to help keep Houston-area children free of vaccine preventable diseases.

Education Efforts

A vital component of the Immunization Project is research including investigating barriers to adequate immunization and developing interventions to increase immunization coverage. The Immunization Project continues to seek funding to support these research projects aimed at improving immunization. Currently, while working with Texas Children's Center for Vaccine Awareness and Research, a study is underway to assess the effectiveness of pentavalent rotavirus vaccine in clinical practice while also evaluating the potential for immunization registries to be used in vaccine effectiveness studies.

Immunization Education
The Immunization Project supports the the Texas Children’s Center for Vaccine Awareness and Research in providing immunization education with the book “Vaccine-Preventable Disease:  The Forgotten Story Updated Edition,” which was published in 2010.  The originial version “Vaccine-Preventable Disease:  The Forgotten Story” was published in 2009. This book features 20 stories of real children and families whose lives were dramatically impacted by illnesses that could have been prevented by immunization.

The center also developed a series of exam room posters based on selected stories from the book as an additional tool for pediatricians and family doctors to educate patients and families as well as a Spanish-language version, pertussis and meningitis one-page tearpads and a short documentary film titled Facing Meningitis, which demonstrates the devastating effects of meningococcal meningitis. If you are interested in learning more about this project or if you are interested in purchasing educational materials, please call 832-824-2064 or visit the Center for Vaccine Awareness and Research.

Autodialer Reminder System
The autodialer system proactively sends immunization reminders to parents whose children are 2, 4, 6, 12, 15 and 48 months old. The system is currently available to patients of Texas Children's Pediatric Associates.

Immunization Helpline
The Immunization Project operates an Immunization Helpline which parents can call to obtain information about free or low cost immunizations. The Helpline, available by calling 832-824-2061, is a 24/7 interactive phone system in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Community Outreach
The Immunization Project provides materials for the public and gives presentations to a variety of audiences, including schools, community organizations, medical clinics, national conferences and other professional forums. To schedule an immunization presentation for your office, community group, school, etc. please contact us at 832-824-2064.