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First Seizure Clinic

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Phone: 832-822-5046
  • Mon. afternoons

Seeing patients who have recently experienced an initial unprovoked seizure

The First Seizure Clinic at Texas Children’s Hospital sees patients who have recently experienced an initial unprovoked seizure. Many children who experience a first seizure may never experience a second seizure. However, a seizure may be the initial presentation of a more serious medical condition or subsequent epilepsy.

When evaluating patients who have recently experienced a first seizure, our providers will seek information to determine a cause for the seizure and develop an appropriate therapy. A typical First Seizure Clinic evaluation consists of:

  • Taking a patient's medical history
  • Conducting physical and neurological examinations
  • Ordering electroencephalogram (EEG) and neuroimaging studies

A potential treatment option for a first seizure is anticonvulsant therapy.