Diabetes Transition Program

<p>Diabetes Transition Program</p>

Transitioning from Pediatric Care to Adult Care – We are here to help!

The Texas Children's Diabetes and Endocrine Care Center enjoys caring for youth with diabetes and endocrine conditions. In the future when you get older, you will move from our pediatric center to an adult diabetes or endocrine doctor.

To help you prepare for the transition from pediatric care to adult care, your Texas Children’s Diabetes Care Center health care team is involved in the following efforts:

  • During your teen years, we will provide education about transitioning to adult care and adulthood:
    • Young adult experiences video 

    • Educational handouts about insurance and driving
    • Educational handouts about alcohol and pregnancy
  • We will work with you to decide the best time for transfer to adult care.
  • Closer to moving to adult care, we will help you identify an adult diabetes provider.
  • We will offer information and resources about health insurance coverage and changes you may experience as a young adult.
  • We periodically offer transitional education events for families and adult diabetes health care professionals to learn about medical, psychosocial and financial topics related to transfer to adult care.
  • We conduct research to study the best ways to support young adults with diabetes.

If preparing for adult care seems like an uncertain journey, our teen patients can be sure that the Texas Children’s Diabetes Care Center team is here to help guide them along their way. 

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If you have any question about the transition process from pediatric care to adult care, please contact your diabetes doctor, or email your questions to us.

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