COVID Vaccine Allergy Clinic

<p>COVID Vaccine Allergy Clinic</p>

The COVID Vaccine Allergy Clinic provides a multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation and treatment of these patients through the collaborative efforts of allergist, dietitian, nurse, social worker and psychologist. 

How to make an appointment

Patients with a known COVID Vaccine Allergy may make an appointment for the COVID Vaccine Allergy Clinic by calling 832-824-1319.

What to expect

Our team will provide a thorough evaluation and devise a treatment plan based on this assessment. We will work with referring practitioners to provide long term follow-up to maximize the likelihood of improving the quality of life of our patients.

What is the COVID Vaccine Allergy Clinic?

As the medical director of the COVID Vaccine clinic, Dr. Anvari has established a clinic to assess patients who have experienced immediate or delayed reactions to the COVID vaccine and to also evaluate patients who have a history of polyethylene glycol (PEG) allergy to make sure that they can safely receive the mRNA COVID vaccines that contain PEG2000.  As the Director of the clinic, Dr. Anvari performs the assessments and reviews the skin testing results and directly observes the patients under her care during their vaccine challenge. To date, she has collaborated with several COVID Vaccine Allergy Centers including Mass Gen Hospital (Harvard), Vanderbilt University, UT Southwestern, Mayo Clinic, and University of Pennsylvania. She has successfully presented her experience at national meetings and published in high-impact journals.