Interventional Radiology Suite opens at Texas Children’s


Interventional Radiology Suite opens at West Campus

In May 2016, a new Interventional Radiology Suite opened at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus enabling physicians to provide a wider range of image-guided procedures to patients and families in the West Houston area without having to send them across town to Texas Children’s medical center campus.

The new state-of-the-art suite is equipped with Toshiba’s Infinix-i’s C-arm design that offers conformity to any patient, allowing for optimal angulations, streamlined positioning and customizable configuration. In addition, the Infinix-i’s ergonomic enhancement improves clinician speed and precision while reducing the potential for strain and injury. Another important feature is the dose tracking system that provides real-time data on radiation delivery in an easy-to-read color-coded human map.

“In pediatrics, radiation exposure is a key concern and dose management continues to be an important focus, assuring maximum benefits under the highest safety standards for the patients,” said Sadia Nasir, assistant director of Radiology at the West Campus. “The dose monitoring system, in combination with dose management and reduction technologies, such as spot fluoroscopy, will allow the interventionists to instantaneously monitor and minimize patient’s X-ray skin dose in real time during the procedures.”

The new suite is helping fulfill one of Texas Children’s main objectives to provide the right care at the right time at the right place.

“This suite gives us the ability to have a full-service radiology department at the West Campus, making the future of radiology at the community hospital even brighter,” said Texas Children’s Radiologist-in-Chief Dr. George Bisset at a ribbon-cutting event for the new suite. “I’m very excited about what this new addition will bring to the hospital, our medical staff, and most importantly, our patients.”

Texas Children’s Chief of Interventional Radiology Dr. Kamlesh Kukreja said interventional radiology helps physicians keep every child they see as healthy as they can be and as comfortable as possible during their visit to the hospital or clinic.

“I’m looking forward to this service growing significantly at the West Campus,” Kukreja said.

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