Disney Magic comes to Texas Children’s


Disney Team of Heroes launches at Texas Children’s

In March 2018, The Walt Disney Company announced an innovative $100+ million plan to bring comfort to children and families in hospitals around the world – beginning at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Just over a year later in April 2019, Disney Magic officially arrived when invited guests from The Walt Disney Company, media outlets and health care organizations across the country joined Texas Children’s clinical and executive leadership to celebrate the launch of the Disney Team of Heroes pilot.

Texas Children’s is the first hospital to work with Disney on this comprehensive new initiative that will enhance the patient and family experience at children’s hospitals across the globe through a unique combination of reimagined spaces, personalized moments and engaging content, all featuring Disney’s beloved characters and themes.

“Disney’s commitment to bringing comfort and inspiration to children doesn’t stop at the gates of Disneyland or Walt Disney World, and we are so grateful Disney is bringing those values to us in this way,” said Texas Children’s Surgeon-in-Chief Dr. Larry Hollier. “The magic and joy we have all experienced at a Disney park is now apparent as you walk throughout our hospital, and I am looking forward to seeing how this special partnership enhances the patient and family experience.”

The Disney Team of Heroes launch was the culmination of a year of hard work and collaboration between a group of more than 80 Disney team members, including Disney’s famed Imagineers, and a dedicated team of Texas Children’s employees and caregivers.

Guests at the opening event got a first look at new Disney Team of Heroes experiences on a tour of Lester and Sue Smith Legacy Tower. These elements included the stunning Magic Mural, which allows patients and families to interact with characters and environments; mesmerizing Magic Windows, where favorite characters pop in for a brief visit before taking off again; captivating Magic Portals, seek-and-find activities that provide distraction while waiting for an appointment to begin; and Disney Products and Hospital Gowns, which help brighten patient rooms and bring familiarity into hospital stays. Additionally, Texas Children’s employees system-wide received themed Disney Team of Heroes Employee Badges featuring Disney characters. The badges will create opportunities to engage patients, and fellow employees, in a fun new way.

As part of the pilot program, Texas Children’s also partnered with the Disney Institute – Disney’s professional development and external training arm – to develop the DToH Children’s Hospital Service The training is intended to enhance Texas Children’s already strong culture of care and service by turning ordinary interactions into moments of comfort, compassion and inspiration for patients, families and other employees. Additionally, a group of dynamic and engaging Texas Children’s employees were selected for the first DToH Train the Trainer Program, an exciting opportunity to help prepare them to directly equip the Texas Children’s workforce with concepts, skills, behaviors and tools to further the goal of providing innovative, patient-centered engagement.