Celebrating 25 years of Bad Pants Open: Alyson's NICU Story

Press Release


During her 12-week ultrasound, Alex learned her baby had a rare and severe congenital disorder called Pentalogy of Cantrell, which presented with various abnormalities including a heart defect and a diaphragm malformation. The family decided to relocate to Houston from The Rio Grande Valley so their daughter, Alyson, could receive the very best care at the Texas Children's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Alyson spent 8 months in the hospital and underwent multiple surgeries until she was strong enough to go home. Today, she is a thriving 9-year-old who loves all things fashion and music. Alyson's parents describe their NICU journey and the positive impact it created for the family nearly a decade later.

Success stories like Alyson’s are made possible by the generosity and support of people like you. One of the many ways the community gives to Texas Children’s NICU is through participation in the annual Bad Pants Open Golf tournament. To become a Texas Children’s Difference Maker, donate online at www.BadPantsOpen.org.