What is EOS?

EOS is an innovative technology that employs an ultra-low dose of radiation to provide a precise life-size, 3-D image of the patient’s full-body skeleton. This painless test is particularly useful in imaging of patients with spine, hip and knee problems.

EOS, which is completed while the patient is standing or sitting, takes less than 20 seconds.

Research shows EOS offers:

  • More accurate diagnoses, leading to higher quality of care
  • Lower radiation dosage, particularly important for children who are imaged often
  • Faster imaging, usually about 20 seconds for imaging or a total exam of four minutes

How do I prepare my child for EOS?

What happens during an EOS?

First, the technician will place your child in the EOS machine. If your child wears a brace, the technologist will let you know if it needs to be removed.

Your child will stand in an area about the size of a phone booth.

You may be asked to help support your child. If so, you will put on a lead apron. If you are pregnant, you cannot accompany your child into the test area. You can bring someone who can stay with your child during the exam.

The machine will make a loud noise before the test begins. Your child will need to stand totally still during the scan. An EOS image causes no pain and is over very quickly.

How do I find out results of my child's EOS?

The technologist cannot tell you the results of the test. A pediatric radiologist will analyze the images and provide a report of the findings to your child’s doctor. Your child’s doctor will then notify you of the results.

Why choose Texas Children’s?

Texas Children’s is the first pediatric hospital in the southwestern United States to offer the revolutionary EOS Imaging System, which is based on Nobel Prize-winning technology.

Our specially trained, board-certified pediatric radiologists are among the most experienced in the nation. They customize your child’s procedure to ensure the lowest level of radiation exposure and the most accurate image.

Dedicated to helping your child have a pleasant experience, our extensively trained support staff offers personalized care. In addition, our comforting, child-friendly environment puts parents and children at ease.

EOS is available at the following Texas Children’s Main Campus -- Texas Medical Center.

If you have questions or want to make an appointment, call 832-TC4-XRAY (832-824-9729). An order from your doctor is needed to make an appointment.