A MD/PhD student mentored by Dr. Sameer Sheth receives top honors


Katherine Kabotyanski, an M.D./Ph.D. student mentored by Dr. Sameer Sheth, recently received two prestigious awards – the Society for Neuroscience Trainee Professional Development Award (TDPA) by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund and the Don D. Sykora scholarship by Baylor Research Advocates for Student Scholars (BRASS) – to advance her research.

Katherine’s research focuses on using real-time brain recordings to inform our basic understanding of complex neurocircuitry and develop novel therapies for neuropsychiatric disorders. She was selected for the above-mentioned awards for her project studying neurobehavioral biomarkers of emotional state.

“I’m happy Kat, who is a brilliant neuroscientist and physician in training, was selected for these awards. Her proposed research is truly innovative and has the potential to alleviate the symptoms and improve the quality of life for millions with mood disorders and psychological conditions.” Dr. Sheth said.

About the awards
The Society for Neuroscience TDPA award, funded by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, recognizes graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who demonstrate scientific merit and excellence in research. This year, Katherine was one of 51 awardees. TDPA recipients receive complimentary registration and a travel stipend to offset the costs of attending the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting, the world’s largest gathering of scientists exploring the brain and nervous system. During the meeting, awardees present their research abstracts at a dedicated TPDA poster session, build connections with peers and established scientists, and participate in professional development workshops. After the meeting, TPDA recipients receive access to professional development opportunities in the year following the award.

BRASS is a multi-year scholarship that supports the development of PhD and MD/PhD students in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences of Baylor College of Medicine. Katherine was selected as one of four BRASS scholars this year and was awarded the Don D. Sykora scholarship. Through advocacy, fundraising, and mentorship, BRASS donors provide critical seed funding for innovative researchers to move science forward and to one day be recognized among the best minds in medicine. BRASS scholars receive scholarships, research funding, and exposure to a network of Houston community leaders who welcome these exemplary graduate students into their circle of family, cultural, civic, and social activities. BRASS members encourage scholars to share their zeal for biomedical research with others and participate in outreach programs that elevate the next generation of young scholars.