Ambassadors for Texas Children's Hospital

Every year, thousands of children and women from Houston, from Texas and from around the world come to Texas Children's Hospital seeking the best care from one of the nation’s finest specialty hospitals.

We serve as a voice for these patients and help support the hospital’s vision through financial contributions, events and social advocacy in the community.

Since 2009, Ambassadors for Texas Children's Hospital have worked to provide a strong voice for the patients of Texas Children's, supporting them through philanthropic donations and active engagement within the greater Houston community.


Texas Children's strives to provide children and women with the best possible care. Ambassadors gain firsthand experience of the hospital's compassionate spirit and work tirelessly to embody this commitment in their actions.


Every year, Ambassadors work with the hospital to define its most critical priorities. We have given millions of dollars to help meet those needs, providing support where it's needed most


Our pledge is to stand and speak up for patients—through our own contributions and through enlisting others in our cause. Ambassadors lend their voices to help ensure that Texas Children's patients receive the best possible care.

Become an Ambassador

We invite you to join Ambassadors for Texas Children's Hospital. Please choose the location most convenient for you.