Introducing the International Multi-center Pediatric Portal Hypertension Registry

Focused on Developing Data to Inform the Question of Primary
Prophylaxis of Variceal Hemorrhage in Children

Opening for Enrollment

Development and Initiation of the International Multi-centre Paediatric Portal Hypertension Registry (IMPPHR) Poster

One of the fundamental unresolved questions in the management of children with cirrhosis is whether to undertake primary endoscopic prophylaxis of esophageal varices. This issue was addressed in part on October 31, 2021 at the virtual Baveno VII Pediatric Research Workshop entitled, “Primary Prophylaxis of Variceal Hemorrhage, Complexities in the Development of Evidence-based Approaches in Pediatrics.” Relevant presentations from this meeting are available below and support the rationale for the development of International Multi-center Pediatric Portal Hypertension Registry (IMPPHR).

Example of of the on-line case report form associated with IMPPHR can be found at here.

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Benjamin Shneider

Virtual Baveno VII Pediatric Research Workshop

Executive Committee

  • Jaume Bosch (Bern, Switzerland)
  • Roberto De Franchis (Milan, Italy)
  • Mark Deneau (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)
  • Mathieu Duche (Paris, France)
  • Simon Ling (Toronto, Canada)
  • Jean Molleston (Indianapolis, IN, USA)
  • Julio Pimenta (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
  • Benjamin Shneider (Houston, TX, USA)
  • Riccardo Superina (Chicago, IL, USA)
  • Tassos Grammatikopoulos (London, United Kingdom)

Supported by Texas Children's Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine, The Spain Family and an ESPGHAN networking grant.