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Phone: 832-822-5406


United States

Ariel Maia Lyons-Warren, MD, PhD


Baylor College of Medicine


School Education Degree Year
Baylor College of Medicine residency Child Neurology 2019
Baylor College of Medicine internship Pediatrics 2015
Washington University School of Medicine medical school Doctor of Medicine 2014
Washington University School of Medicine PhD Doctor of Philosophy 2014
Johns Hopkins University bachelors Bachelor of Arts 2005


I provide holistic care to each of my patients which means understanding the child in the context of his or her family, school and community. I think about how the neurological diagnosis impacts his or her quality of life including ability to go to school, interact with family, and achieve personal goals. To provide this holistic care, I believe it is important to take time to listen to patients and families in order to understand their unique challenges and goals.

Clinical Interests:

Neurodevelopmental disorders with sensory challenges including Autism Spectrum disorder

Research Interests:

My research explores how the brain processes sensory information using both animal and clinical models. At the bench, I use the mouse olfactory system to study how odor signals are encoded. Specifically, I am interested in the role of co-transmitting inhibitory interneurons in the olfactory bulb that we have demonstrated are critical for both odor detection and odor discrimination. Clinically, I am interested in sensory processing differences in children with neurodevelopmental disorders. Using sensory surveys, we have identified sensory phenotypes that distinguish sub-groups within ASD.


Organization Name Role
American Academy of Neurology Member (2007-Present)
American Academy of Pediatrics Member (2014-Present)
Child Neurology Society Member (2013-Present)
Research Committee for the Child Neurology Society Member (2020-Present)
Scientific Selection and Program Planning Committee for the Child Neurology Society Member (2019-Present)
Society for Neuroscience Member (2020-Present)

Selected Publications

Bonkowsky J, Felling RJ, Grinspan ZM, Guerriero RM, Kosofsky BE, Lyons-Warren AM, deVeber G (2020) The Pediatric Neurology 2020 Research Workforce Survey: Optimism in a Time of Challenge. Pediatr Neurol 116:62-67.

Lyons-Warren AM, Stowe RS, Emrick L, Jarrell JA (2019) Early identification of pediatric neurology patients with palliative care needs: A Pilot Study. Am J Hosp Palliat Care 36(11):959-966.

Lyons-Warren AM, Risen SR, Clark G (2019) Infant Botulism with asymmetric cranial nerve palsies. Pediatr Neurol 92:71-72.

Lyons-Warren AM (2018) Update on Palliative Care for Pediatric Neurology. Am J Hosp Palliat Care 36(2):154-157.

Stowe RS, Lyons-Warren AM, Emrick LT (2018) Hydrocephalus, aqueductal stenosis, and diencephalosynapsis in a male fetus. Neurology 91(13)e1265-1268.

Lapin WB, Lyons-Warren AM, Risen S, Rathore N, Slone J, Elghetany M, Marcus M (2018) A 14-year-old male with fevers, cytopenias and neurocognitive decline. Pediatrics 142(3):e20173258.

Lyons-Warren AM, Cheung SW, Holder JL (2017) One ring to bind them: A common cause for Phelan-McDermid Syndrome and Neurofibromatosis type 2. Neurology 89(17):e205-e209.

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NIH-NINDS Child Neurologist Career Development Program K-12 Recipient 2019

First Place Poster Award, Postdoctoral Category, Texas A&M Neuroscience Symposium 2019

Child Neurology Teaching Award 2018

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