Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands offers breastfeeding services to mothers



To provide breastfeeding support to mothers and infants, Texas Children’s Hospital Lactation Services expanded our outpatient offerings to our campus in The Woodlands.

All new mothers have questions and concerns related to caring for their newborn infant, especially related to feeding. Breastfeeding, although considered a “natural” process, can be challenging during the early weeks following birth. Help from a lactation consultant, providing one-on-one support to breastfeeding and pumping mothers, can make this time easier. For some mothers, a prenatal consultation may be useful, especially for those who have experienced breastfeeding problems in the past, for mothers with a high-risk pregnancy, or for those who have specific concerns or needs. For consultations following birth, the time with mother and baby includes evaluation of latch, milk transfer, breast and nipple pain, infant oral motor skills and use of breastfeeding and pumping equipment. Verbal and written instruction are provided, as well as follow-up by phone and email on the breastfeeding couple’s progress.

During a consultation with our team, you can expect caring and patient assistance by a registered nurse who is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). An IBCLC is a health care provider who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding and requires countless hours of study and clinical experience before completing a certification exam. IBCLCs have a unique body of knowledge and skill to provide breastfeeding and lactation care from routine to high-risk situations (IBCLE, 2003, 2008: ILCA, 2006). The availability of IBCLCs increases breastfeeding rates, which in turn improves the health outcomes of the community, nation and the world (Castrucci, Hoover, Lim, & Maus, 2006, 2007; Thurman & Allen, 2008). 

Outpatient lactation consultations at The Woodlands campus are scheduled with our lactation consultant. 

To speak with a lactation consultant and/or schedule an appointment, please call 936-267-5440.