Share your moment: “they’ll grow up as best friends”


We have the privilege of delivering over 5000 babies each year, with each family having a unique, sometimes funny, sometimes quirky, other times eventful backstory. Share your moment is a series where we document the stories of families who have gratefully given us a snapshot into their first tender, real and raw moments of parenthood.

Rachel’s story

“Omg! That’s amazing and they’ll grow up as best friends!” All of our family and friends flipped out when they learned that my sister-in-law, Meryl Hawk, and I were expecting babies within a week of each other, and that we even shared the same OB-GYN at the very same hospital, Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women. “Wow!” Everyone said it sounded like a scene out of a movie, like in Father of the Bride 2, where the mother and daughter go into labor at the same time and share the same delivery room. Only time would tell!

Throughout the frozen yogurt and sweet potato fries cravings of our pregnancies, the joy of giving each other’s baby showers, bouts of swollen ankles and straight-up exhaustion, there was much anticipation of our D-Day. We joked at family dinners about who would pop first and imagined all the wild scenarios, like one of us triggering the other into labor and having first cousins who shared the same birthday! All of our appointments with Dr. Kimberly Bobo were back-to-back, within a day or two, and we could always prepare each other for the next growth ultrasound, pelvic exam, or drinking the orange drink—which you either love or hate! We toured the hospital together and participated in the classes on breastfeeding and baby basics, along with our husbands, which really helped us feel prepared for this crazy new life with a newborn... or at least as ready as you can be as first-time parents!

My husband, Steven, was by my side as we welcomed our sweet baby girl, Chloe Mae Abbott, on September 21 at 6:20 AM, after an 18-hour induced labor at 39 weeks. Giving birth at TCH was the most exhilarating, miraculous, and rewarding experience of our lives. The second I heard Chloe exhale a big, loud cry, I cried free-flowing tears of joy and relief. My heart exploded with love as she was immediately placed on my chest for skin-to-skin bonding, which was the most gratifying moment of all. I’ll never forget how it felt when we locked eyes for the first time, and instantly became a family of three.

We are so grateful to the dream team who helped cheer me on to the finish line in labor and delivery, and all of the nurses, residents, and doctors who provided the utmost comfort, care, and support during our recovery to ensure that we, mama and baby, went home healthy and strong (along with daddy, too!) Every professional we met offered a wealth of information and guidance with a personal touch and warm smile. We felt so well taken care of the entire time. Also, we loved how the hospital photos turned out from Bella Baby Photography. Such a nice amenity! 

Just three days earlier, we had been visiting Meryl, her husband, Adam, and meeting their precious baby boy, Cameron, who were all happily recovering at TCH on a different floor. We didn’t deliver on the same day after all, but pretty darn close! All of our dreams came true, giving birth to two beautiful, healthy babies, and overlapping in our hospital stays, just like in the movies! I’d say we got our “happily ever after.” Thank you, TCH!


Meryl’s story

On September 18, 2019 at 3:13 a.m., my life was forever changed as my husband, Adam and I welcomed our son, Cameron Grant Hawk into the world. I had always heard I would experience a love unlike anything I have ever experienced before upon first glance at my child, and this was so true! With almost a month of parenting down, this experience has been nothing short of amazing - each day learning more about Cam, developing stronger bonds, laughing at the cute noises and adorable faces...and perhaps, learning to thrive on fewer hours of sleep (but I wouldn't trade it for the world)! 

I had the best experience at Texas Children's Women's Pavilion - from my doctor visits with Dr. Bobo and Dr. Bumi to my labor and delivery then to my postpartum care. The doctors, nurses, staff and lactation consultants gave so much attention and care to myself and Cam and ensured that we left the hospital set-up for success. I cannot thank all of these individuals enough for the confidence I felt upon stepping into my house after my hospital stay knowing that I would be able to do this with my husband!

I was so lucky to be able to share my pregnancy journey with my sister-in-law, Rachel Abbott. She delivered her beautiful daughter (my niece), Chloe Abbott, three days after Cam was born at the Pavilion! Throughout our entire pregnancy, we shared our experiences with each other, worked out together and used each other as sounding boards for different symptoms we were experiencing. It was so special to go through this journey together and even more special that our children will grow up so close and always have each other to lean on. We have enjoyed watching the babies interact these past couple of weeks and meet their best friend! We can't wait to share our experience with them when they are older so they can truly understand how special this journey was and how incredible it is that they are so close! 

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