Infertility to pregnancy...our emotional, yet hopeful journey to becoming parents


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I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in my 30s. PCOS is a hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with small cysts which ultimately makes it difficult, sometimes impossible, for women to become pregnant. My husband and I married in 2011 with the knowledge that children might never be a possibility for us. 

However, in November 2012, we discovered I was pregnant. Needless to say, we were more than elated. Unfortunately, on Thanksgiving weekend, our elation turned into heartbreak when at eight weeks of pregnancy, I miscarried. We were referred back to the specialist who initially diagnosed me with PCOS for consultation. He suggested we try oral fertility medications to assist with pregnancy. Four rounds of fertility medications and a whole year filled with tests and doctor appointments proved futile in our attempts to become pregnant. We were then told IUI or IVF may be our only hope for having children.

My husband and I decided to transfer our care to Dr. William Gibbons at the Texas Children’s Hospital Family Fertility Center. I had followed up with my reproductive endocrinology specialist for more than 10 years, as they were the original physician who diagnosed me with PCOS. The thought and act of transitioning care was a daunting one at best. However, from scheduling the appointment to our first consultation with Dr. Gibbons and his team, our experience was seamless.

There is no paved road for infertility and my husband and I have experienced our own set of bumps along the way. Three total miscarriages, multiple tests, appointments and ultimately undergoing IVF...it can all take its toll. However, Dr. Gibbons and his wonderful team have been there every step along the way. Not only did they care for us from a medical perspective, but we have always been treated like family. We have received calls on the weekends and after hours to check on us, hugs and words of compassion when receiving discouraging news and my own personal cheerleading squad from my IVF nurses (Polly Haley, Bobbie LeBlanc and Ginger Flukinger) when my husband and I received the wonderful news we were pregnant after our IVF transfer on none other than our wedding anniversary, Aug. 27.

All the steps getting from infertility to a successful pregnancy are fraught with deep emotions and, at times, an unbearable hopelessness. It is crucial to not only have a strong support from family and friends, but your medical team who you spend so much time with as well. The care we have received from Dr. Gibbons and his team I truly feel goes beyond that of medical professionals. Compassion, empathy and genuine TLC comes from a much deeper place than anything you can ever learn in medical or nursing school. It comes from the heart.

I am now 37 weeks pregnant and scheduled to deliver our little miracle in just a few short days. My husband and I can honestly say, we would not be blessed with the special opportunity of becoming parents without the genuine love, support and expertise of Dr. Gibbons and his staff. We truly feel indebted.

We want to send an extra special THANK YOU to Dr. Gibbons, Polly, Bobbie and Ginger. We could not have survived this journey without you!

After 3 long days of labor and ultimately a c-section Jackson was born on April 20th.He is beautiful, healthy and happy.