Texas Children's Hospital West Campus sends first patient home with electronic pain regulator reducing the need for intravenous and oral medications


HOUSTON - (April 26, 2012) - Texas Children's Hospital West Campus - Houston's first community hospital designed, built and equipped exclusively for children - announced that it has begun using an innovative, electronic pump to help control pain for certain surgical patients. The hospital recently discharged its first patient with this infusion pump allowing the patient to go home hours after surgery and avoid an overnight hospital stay. For more information about Texas Children's Hospital West Campus and its services visit www.westcampus.texaschildrens.org.

"Not only is this a first for Texas Children's Hospital West Campus, but a first for the hospital system," said Ramon Enad, assistant director of perioperative services at Texas Children's Hospital West Campus.

In the past, most children were kept in the hospital after surgery and administered pain medications intravenously, with a pump or through an injection. With the use of the ambIT Pain Pump system, anesthesiologists can more directly target where medication is needed. This take-home infusion system runs on its own and has safety algorithms in place to ensure it can't be tampered with. After running for 40 to 50 hours, depending on the surgical area, it's as simple as taking off a bandage, removing and disposing of the system and putting on a band-aid.

"Regional anesthesia is the forefront in the evolution of perioperative pain control and I feel, with ultrasound guidance, it will soon become the new standard of care," said Dr. Chris Glover, pediatric anesthesiologist with Texas Children's Hospital. "With this device, we can have a more sustained and localized control of a patient's pain compared to intravenous medications. Although we manage a large number of pain patients in an inpatient setting,, not much has been done on an outpatient basis and this new process allows us to lead the way."

The ambIT Pain Pump system consists of a compact, portable infusion pump that delivers numbing medication to control a patient's pain. The infusion catheter and pump are placed by the anesthesiologist before surgery to control pain in the perioperative period. Also, by delivering local non-narcotic pain medications to control pain, the ambIT Pain Pump minimizes the need for oral narcotics and decreases the potential for their associated side-effects including nausea, vomiting and constipation.

"Texas Children's is known nationwide for the innovative treatment and patient care we offer and now the West Houston community is seeing these novel approaches being applied in their own community," said Shannon McCord, director of patient care services at Texas Children's Hospital West Campus.

Texas Children's Hospital West Campus is using the ambIT Pain Pump system for a variety of orthopedic day surgeries including any joint surgery of the shoulder, elbow or knee. Using this new device to help control post operative pain allows these patients to be treated in a completely outpatient setting.

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