Texas Children's Hospital hosts a Brain Fair for underrepresented middle schoolers at Duncan NRI


The Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children's Hospital hosted a Brain Fair for underrepresented middle-school students on April 5th, 2024. This event was aimed at empowering the students of what neuroscience and neurology could be. 

This event was a part of Texas Children's Neurology Equity and Unity (NEU) engagement initiative, which is led by multidisciplinary team of Texas Children's Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine, and Duncan faculty and trainees committed to reshaping neuroscience by promoting equitable access, fostering inclusive educational ecosystems, and pioneering innovative research for the well-being of diverse communities. 

As a part of this event, the NEU team showcased diverse fields of neuroscience (from brain anatomy to behavioral testing in fruit flies) and neurology (EEG, EMG recordings etc.) to inspire curiosity, foster inclusivity, and provide a platform for underrepresented students to engage with and contribute to the field of neuroscience. Apart from learning about neuroscience via hands-on demonstrations and lab visits, they hoped this opportunity will offer these 44 students invaluable opportunities for learning, networking, and personal growth.