Septate uterus


A septate uterus is when a girl’s uterus has a wall of tissue running vertically up and down the middle of it, separating the uterus into two cavities. 

This wall, called a septum, may extend part way down the uterus (partial septate uterus) or all the way down to the cervix, at the bottom of the uterus (complete septate uterus).

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Causes & Risk Factors

A septate uterus is a congenital disorder meaning it is present at birth. It occurs when the two parts that are supposed to join together to develop the uterus don’t come together properly during fetal development.

The cause of this abnormal development is not yet known.

Symptoms & Types

Symptoms may include:

  • Unusual pain before or during a girl’s period
  • Complications during pregnancy and/or delivery, including preterm labor, miscarriage and breech delivery (feet first)

Diagnosis & Tests

Diagnosis starts with a thorough medical history and physical exam, including a pelvic exam.

Additional testing may include imaging, such as an ultrasound or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), to create pictures of the uterus and look for abnormalities.

Treatment & Care

When necessary, surgery can be performed to remove the wall of tissue.