MEDi the robot

May 9, 2017


The child life team recently welcomed MEDi, the robot. MEDi is one of several therapeutic tools used by the child life team to implement therapeutic interventions. A Child Life Specialist can utilize MEDi to improve the emotional well-being of the patients by reducing their anxiety, perception of pain and understanding of the hospital setting.

By engaging patients in fun activities, like Simon says and rock, paper, scissors, MEDi can distract patients during medical procedures such as blood draws and IVs. MEDi can also dance, tell stories and greet patients by their first name, making their experience with him more autonomous and life-like. These features allow the patients to engage in play opportunities which create a welcoming environment for both patients and families in the hospital setting.

By a simple click of an application on a tablet, MEDi can execute a number of different behaviors. As long as MEDi is connected to his internet router and is fully charged, MEDi is fully autonomous. MEDi has become a valuable tool in the child life tool box.

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