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Make the Difference

Make the Difference: The Campaign for Texas Children’s is a remarkable opportunity to shape the future of pediatric medicine.  

This unique campaign will provide the foundation for Texas Children’s to build a better future for our patients.  We ask you to unite with us in making a life-changing difference in the lives of children, women and families.

Your generosity will support  

Our goal is to speed the translation of laboratory discoveries to new and better treatments. Our wide-ranging research shows great potential for improving care in dozens of pediatric specialties. Improved treatments translate to better patient outcomes and quality of life for individuals of all ages, in our community and globally.

Since its founding, Texas Children’s has promised to treat every patient who comes to us, regardless of the complexity of their care or ability to pay. This commitment is reflected in our four hospitals, and hundreds of pediatric practices, specialty clinics and community programs that serve our patients and families where they are.  

Texas Children’s faces significant competition when it comes to attracting and retaining the best and brightest pediatric subspecialists and researchers. We are committed to investing in these exceptional individuals who drive innovative clinical, research and educational initiatives. Establishing endowed chairs helps us attract and retain the very best. 

Make the Difference ensures maximum impact across Texas Children’s centers and programs, including:

• Cancer and Hematology
• Heart and Transplant
• Mental and Behavioral Health
• Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
• Women’s Services

The campaign also will be a driving force in Texas Children’s expansion of services in the rapidly growing Central Texas-Austin area, where so many families need the specialized care we offer.

The difference is you

Our campaign ambitions are bold, because boldness is required for success. Since opening our doors in 1954, Texas Children’s has delivered on its mission to create a healthier future for women and children throughout our global community. To advance and sustain this mission, we invite you to join us to Make the Difference

Ready to Make a Life-Changing Difference?

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