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Texas Medical Center

Phone: 832-822-5347


6701 Fannin Street
Suite 470
Houston, TX 77030

Luning Wang, PhD

Medical Imaging Scientist


School Education Degree Year
University of Georgia PhD Doctor of Philosophy in Physics 2013
Zhengzhou University Bachelors Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics 2008


As a MR physicist, my goal is to help provide world class imaging for our patients. I enjoy bridging the gap between cutting edge MRI research and the clinic.

Clinical Interests:

My clinical interests include neurologic, cardiac and musculoskeletal imaging. My goals are 1) to provide clinical protocols that take advantage of the latest available technology; 2) to provide first line troubleshooting assistance to the MR technologist and to work with the service engineer to solve more complex issues; 3) to ensure the safety of patients with implantable devices; and 4) to provide necessary education and training to our staff on the latest MR advancements.

Research Interests:

My overreaching research goal is to take the latest advances in research and to translate them for clinical use; ensuring that our patients receive the best imaging possible.

Selected Publications

Ajala, A., Zhang, J., Buko, E., Wang, L., Cheong, B., Hor, P., Muthupillai, R. A dual echo dual velocity sensitivity phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging method. Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. Under Review.

Wang, L., Nissi, M., Tóth, F., Johnson, C., Garwood, M., Carlson, C, and Ellermann, J. Quantitative susceptibility mapping detects abnormalities in cartilage canals in a goat model of preclinical osteochondritis dissecans. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2017 77(3): 1276-1283.

Wang, L., Nissi, M., Tóth, F., Shaver, J., Johnson, C., Zhang, J., Garwood, M., Carlson, C, and Ellermann, J. Multiparametric MRI of epiphyseal cartilage necrosis (osteochondrosis) with histological validation in a goat model. PLoS ONE 2015 10(10): e0140400

Potter, W., Wang, L., McCully, K.K., and Zhao, Q. Evaluation of a new 1H/31P dual-tuned birdcage coil for 31P spectroscopy. Concepts of Magnetic Resonance, Part B 2013 43(3): 90-99.

Zhao, Q., Wang, L., Cheng, R., Mao, L., Arnold, R.D., Howerth, E.W., Chen, Z.G., and Platt, S. Magnetic nanoparticle-based hyperthermia for head & neck cancer in mouse models. Theranostics 2012 2(1): 113-121.

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