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Ketankumar B. Ghaghada, PhD

Associate Professor and Manager of Basic Science Research


Dr. Ghaghada graduated from the University of Mumbai in 2000 with B.S. in Chemical Engineering. He moved to the United States and received his M.S. (Chemical Engineering) in 2003 from Cleveland State University where his research focused on mathematical modeling and optimization of targeted nano-chemotherapeutics for drug delivery. In 2006, Dr. Ghaghada received his doctoral degree from the University of Houston in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. His doctoral research focused on the development and pre-clinical testing of novel nanoparticle blood-pool contrast agents for CT and MRI imaging. He then completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Radiology and the Center for In Vivo Microscopy at Duke University Medical Center. In 2008, Dr. Ghaghada joined the University of Texas at Houston where he was the recipient of the GCC Keck Nanobiology postdoctoral fellowship with research focusing on the pilot-scale manufacturing of nanoparticle contrast agents and efficacy testing in large animals. In 2010, Dr. Ghaghada was appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Bioinformatics at the University of Texas at Houston. In 2011, he joined the Edward B. Singleton Department of Pediatric Radiology at Texas Children’s Hospital. 

Dr. Ghaghada’s research interests are in translational nanomedicine. Specifically, his research focuses on the development and translation of novel imaging technologies to address unmet clinical needs. Current research projects are focused on: 1. Novel CT contrast agents for early detection and treatment monitoring in cancer 2. Development of imaging technologies for real-time image-guided treatments in oncologic surgery 3. Studying heterogeneity in pediatric solid tumors using quantitative imaging methods and radiomics 4. Development of high T1 relaxivity nanoparticle contrast agents for magnetic resonance (MR) molecular imaging

Selected Publications

1) Starosolski Z, Villamizar CA, Rendon D, Paldino MJ, Milewicz DM, Ghaghada KB, Annapragada AV. “Ultra High-Resolution1) In vivo Computed Tomography Imaging of Mouse Cerebrovasculature Using a Long Circulating Blood Pool Contrast Agent”. Sci Rep. 2015; 5: 10178. [PMID: 25985192]

2) Peiris PM, Abramowski A, Mcginnity J, Doolittle E, Toy R, Gopalakrishnan R, Shah S, Bauer L, Ghaghada KB, Hoimes C, Brady-Kalnay SM, Basilion JP, Griswold MA, Karathanasis E. “Treatment of Invasive Brain Tumors Using a Chain-like Nanoparticle”. Cancer Res. 2015; 75(7): 1356-65. [PMID: 25627979]

3) Toy R, Bauer L, Hoimes C, Ghaghada KB, Karathanasis E. “Targeted nanotechnology for cancer imaging”. Adv Drug Deliv Rev. 2014; 76: 79-97. [PMID: 25116445]

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