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An expert's answer to 3 questions about well-check visits

Updated October 2019

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How often should my child have a well check appointment? What can we do to prepare for our visit? What can my child expect? These are all common questions parents wonder when thinking about visiting a pediatrician. At Texas Children’s Pediatrics we want all of our families to be informed about well check visits, which is why we are answering some of the most popular question below.

As you have noticed, children grow up very quickly. This is why well check visits are important to monitor your child’s growth and development, as well as their physical and mental health. With each well check visits, you have the opportunity to talk with your child’s provider and ask questions about a wide variety of health related topics. At these appointments, you can learn everything from your child’s eating and sleeping habits to their language development, as well as discuss any problems your child may be facing.

How should I Prepare?

  • You can prepare by bringing any updated information regarding medications or vaccines that may have been ordered or given by another provider.
  • You should also bring copies of any lab reports or visit notes from any providers you've met with.
  • Lastly, make a list of your questions or concerns to discuss with your provider at the visit.
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How often does my child need a well visit?

Even if your child is healthy, it is important to have routine well check appointments during every stage of your child’s life. Here is a general schedule for well check appointments:

First Year: 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months and 9 months.

Second year: 15 months, 18 months

Third Year: 24 months, 36 months

Yearly starting at age 3 years.

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What can I expect from each visit?

Physicians will check height and weight, as well as blood pressure for everyone three years of age and older. Your doctor will also perform a complete physical exam and you will fill out any appropriate screening questionnaires. The physician will also start checking your child’s vision starting at age 3 years, and their hearing starting at age four. Your child will receive the appropriate vaccines for their age. At your one and two year checkup, your physician will perform a blood test to screen for anemia and lead levels. A blood test to check cholesterol is also recommended at the eleven or twelve year check-up.

We are excited to share that all 50 Texas Children’s Pediatrics offices now offer well check appointments through MyChart. If you have already signed up for MyChart, you may access MyChart at You can now log in to MyChart to schedule your child’s Well Check appointment, communicate with your care team, update contact phone numbers and insurance information. If you haven’t signed up for MyChart yet, ask the front desk at your Texas Children’s Pediatrics practice.  

Dr. Stan Spinner, Texas Children's Pediatrics and Texas Children's Urgent Care Chief Medical Officer