Texas Children’s Hospital remains strong in 2018

Texas Children’s has never been better. The health system remains one of the largest, most comprehensive specialty pediatric health care organizations in the nation, with more than 4 million patient encounters in 2018.

Our workforce of nearly 14,000 physicians, nurses and employees cared for 10,000 plus children and women every single day last fiscal year and made huge strides in expanding our reach so that we can continue to deliver safe, high-quality, family-centered care to children and women around the world.

The programs described in this report reflect the community benefit provided by Texas Children’s Hospital in calendar year 2017. Totaling more than $187 million, the investment was made in various areas of support.

Texas Children’s Hospital is proud of its affiliation with academic partner Baylor College of Medicine, home to one of the largest, most diverse and successful pediatric programs in the nation. Baylor’s pediatrics program ranked no. 8 among all pediatrics programs on the U.S. News & World Report list of America’s Best Graduate Schools and no. 21 among all research-intensive U.S. medical schools.




Mark A. Wallace

President and CEO

Linda Aldred

Senior Vice President

Paola Alvarez-Malo

Assistant Vice President

Mary Jo Andre

Senior Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer

Binta Baudy

Assistant Vice President

Michelle Birsinger

 Assistant Vice President

Heather Cherry

Assistant Vice President

Catherine Codispoti

Vice President

Afsheen Davis

 Assistant Vice President

Myra Davis

Senior Vice President/Chief Information Officer

Dan DiPrisco

Executive Vice President

Richelle Fleischer

Senior Vice President

Lou Fragoso

President, Texas Children’s Health Plan

Weldon Gage

Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

Matthew Girotto

 Senior Vice President

Bert Gumeringer

Vice President

John Hamm

Assistant Vice President

Aisha Jamal

Director, Corporate Governance

Trent Johnson

Assistant Vice President/Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands

Trudy Leidich

Vice President

Lance Lightfoot

Senior Vice President/General Counsel

Jenny Little

Assistant Vice President

Justin Loudon

Assistant Vice President/Texas Children’s Health Plan

Anna Mateja

Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, Texas Children’s Health Plan

Sarah Maytum

Assistant Vice President

Jermaine Monroe

Assistant Vice President

Sarah Montenegro

Assistant Vice President, Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus

Mark Mullarkey

Executive Vice President

Melissa Murrah

Assistant Vice President

Keith Nelson

Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer

Gail Parazynski

Vice President

Jill Pearsall

Vice President

Tabitha Rice

Senior Vice President

Michelle Riley-Brown

Executive Vice President/President

Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands and West Campus

Carrie Rys

Assistant Vice President

Jennifer Sanders

Assistant Vice President

Diane Scardino

Vice President, Texas Children’s Health Plan

Ivett Shah

Vice President,

Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands and West Campus

Joan Shook, MD

Chief Safety Officer/Deputy Chief Quality Officer

Stanley Spinner, MD

Vice President/Chief Medical Officer, Texas Children’s Pediatrics

Judy Swanson

Vice President

Amber L. Tabora

Senior Vice President/Chief Marketing and Public Relations Officer/Chief Development Officer

Tangula Taylor

Assistant Vice President, Texas Children’s Health Plan

Kay Tittle

President, Texas Children’s Pediatrics

Lynda Tyer-Viola

Vice President

Rosie Valadez McStay

Assistant Vice President

Sherry Vetter

Vice President, Texas Children’s Health Plan

Jacqueline Ward

Vice President/Associate Chief Nursing Officer

Janet Winebar

Assistant Vice President





Dean B. Andropoulos, MD


Michael A. Belfort, MD, PhD

Obstetrician and Gynecologist-in-Chief

Christina Davidson, MD

Chief Quality Officer-Obstetrics and Gynecology

Carla Giannoni, MD

Chief Medical Information Officer

Jeanine Graf, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus

Paul Sirbaugh, DO

Chief Medical Officer, Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands

Larry Hollier Jr., MD


Lisa Hollier MD

Chief Medical Officer-Obstetrics and Gynecology, Texas Children’s Health Plan

Thierry A.G.M. Huisman, MD


Mark. W. Kline, MD


Allen Milewicz, MD

Chief Surgical Officer, Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus

Laura Monson, MD

Chief Quality Officer-Surgery

Oluyinka Olutoye, MD, PhD

2019 President, Texas Children’s Medical Staff

Binita Patel, MD

Chief Quality Officer – Medicine

Jeffrey Shilt, MD

Chief Surgical Officer, Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands

Heidi Schwarzwald, MD

Chief Medical Officer-Pediatrics, Texas Children’s Health Plan

Joan Shook, MD

Chief Safety Officer, Deputy Chief Quality Officer and Chief Clinical Information Officer

Stanley Spinner, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Texas Children’s Pediatrics

James Versalovic, MD, PhD


David Wesson, MD

Associate Surgeon-in-Chief, Academic Affairs

Eric A. Williams, MD, MS, MMM, FAAP, FCCM

System Chief Quality Officer







Michael C. Linn

Chairman of the Board

Kevin C. King


Suzanne Nimocks

Vice President

Cindy B. Taylor

Vice President

C. Park Shaper


Susan Bell Boykin


Aisha Jamal

Assistant Secretary (non trustee) 


Emeritus Trustees 


Josephine E. Abercrombie

Kirby Attwell

Ben A. Brollier

Donald P. DeWalch

Robert L. Gerry III

Darrell C. Morrow

Townes G. Pressler


Advisory Board


Eduardo Aguirre, Jr.

Lewis E. Brazelton III

O. Holcombe Crosswell

Barry H. Margolis

Ben B. McAndrew III

Edward S. McCullough


Board of Trustees


Willie J. Alexander

Merrell A. Athon

Thomas G. Bacon

Susan Bell Boykin

Martha Carnes

Joseph A. Cleary, Jr.

Anthony F. DeLuca

Jan Duncan

Jenny Elkins

Nancy R. Gordon

Victor E. Harris

Ronald C. Hulme

Jodie Lee Jiles

Kevin C. King

Ann Lents

Michael C. Linn

William N. Mathis

Robert E. Meadows

David L. Mendez

Suzanne Nimocks

Anthony G. Petrello

Dan Pickering

Gary L. Rosenthal

Tony Sanchez

C. Park Shaper

L.E. Simmons

Joel V. Staff

Y. Ping Sun

Cindy B. Taylor

Tym Tombar

Brad Tucker

Mark A. Wallace

Peter S. Wareing

Max P. Watson

Scott N. Wulfe