The surgeons in the Plastic Surgery department at Texas Children’s Hospital are dedicated to helping children function at the highest level by treating both common and complex surgical needs. We want to help them look and feel their best. Our team cares about families and we do our best to provide a positive care environment.

After nearly 40 years, Plastic Surgery has established an international reputation for its expertise in a number of subspecialty areas of plastic surgery. We have grown to become the largest plastic surgery programs in the country dedicated specifically to the... Read more

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Dedicated to giving children the chance to function at their highest level as well as look and feel their best, the surgeons in the Plastic Surgery Division at Texas Children's Hospital transform the lives of patients with complex surgical needs. The division treats all pediatric injuries or conditions from head to toe requiring plastic surgery.

Since its inception in 1974, the Plastic Surgery Division has developed an international reputation in a number of subspecialty areas of pediatric plastic surgery. Our physicians have specialized expertise in:


In addition to our clinics listed in the red boxes, we also treat many general pediatric conditions that require Plastic Surgery. These conditions include: cysts, nevi or moles, traumatic injuries, complex wounds, pressure ulcers, facial fractures, broken noses and burns. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Our plastic surgeons perform procedures to address aesthetic issues that can not only influence a child’s self image, but may be necessary for a child’s health. • Massive weight loss (body... Read more

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