Vannie Cook Children's Clinic




101 W. Expressway 83
McAllen, TX 78503

The only comprehensive pediatric cancer treatment facility in South Texas

Vannie E Cook from BRNDhub on Vimeo.

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Vannie E. Cook Jr. Children’s Cancer and Hematology Clinic offers treatment to children along the Mexico border in South Texas who suffer from cancer and blood disorders. It is the region’s first state-of-the-art pediatric hematology/oncology clinic and the only comprehensive pediatric cancer care treatment facility in South Texas. In addition to offering diagnostic and cancer treatment services, the clinic provides cancer genetic counseling to individuals and families concerned about their risk of cancer, offers the services of a long term survivor program which follows childhood cancer survivors through adulthood, and conducts childhood cancer epidemiology research.

The clinic was created through a joint effort of the Vannie E. Cook Jr. Cancer Foundation, Baylor College of Medicine and the Texas Children's Cancer and Hematology Centers. Our goal is to ensure that local children who suffer from cancer and blood diseases receive the most up-to-date care and treatment without the need to leave the region and regardless of ability to pay.

Over the last 12 years, more than 6,500 children have been treated at the Vannie Cook Children's Clinic. Many of these patients previously would have traveled to San Antonio or Houston for their treatment, a hardship physically, emotionally and financially for them and their families. The clinic is led by medical director Dr. Juan Carlos Bernini. Our patient care team is comprised of two physicians, a pediatric nurse practitioner, a staff of registered nurses, and social workers.