What is a Community Benefit?

As a non-profit hospital that receives tax-exemption, Texas Children’s Hospital has an obligation to not only take care of families seeking care at our facilities but also providing leadership and support for programs or activities in our neighborhoods or across the globe. These “community benefits” respond to a demonstrated health-related need and seek to achieve at least one of the following objectives:

  • Improve Access to Health Services
  • Enhance Public Health
  • Advance Generalized Knowledge
  • Relieve a Government Burden

Texas Children’s Community Benefit Workgroup is charged with determining how best to address the community needs that would fall under these larger health issue categories. The workgroup defined its “community” as local, state, national and international.

Watch a 4-part video series on “Hospital Community Benefits: Global Health in the Local Context.”

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Community Benefit Workgroup

Alec King, Senior Vice President (Chair)
Aileen Beltran, Manager, Community Benefits
Dr. Julie Boom, Director, Immunization Project, Co-Director, Center for Vaccine Awareness and Research
Chris Born, President, Texas Children’s Health Plan
Chanda Cashen, President, West Campus
Cris Daskevich, Sr. Vice President, Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women
Dr. Charles D. Fraser Jr., Surgeon-In-Chief
Dr. Angelo Giardino, Senior Vice President, Texas Children’s Hospital
Matt Girotto, Assistant Vice President, Texas Children’s Heart Center
Dr. Charles T. Hankins, Chief Medical Officer, The Woodlands
Dr. Lisa Hollier, OB Medical Director, Texas Children’s Health Plan Center for Children and Women and Chief Medical Officer – Ob/GYN, Texas Children’s Health Plan
Dr. Mark W. Kline, Physician-In-Chief
Dr. Charles Macias, Chair, Asthma Continuum Team for Quality and Outcomes Management
Dr. Jean Raphael, associate professor of Pediatrics, expert in health disparities
Michelle Riley-Brown, President, The Woodlands
Dr. Douglas Ris, Chief, Psychology Service
Amber Tabora, Sr. Vice President, Development, Marketing & Public Relations
Dr. Heidi Schwarzwald, Pediatric Medical Director, Texas Children’s Health Plan Center for Children and Women and Chief Medical Officer – Pediatrics, Texas Children’s Health Plan
Kay Tittle, President, Texas Children’s Pediatric Associates
Rosie Valdez-McStay, Director, Government and Community Relations
Michael Walsh, Director, Global Health Initiatives