A Message from President & CEO Mark A. Wallace: Tragedy in Uvalde


I cannot begin to describe the emotions that I felt yesterday when reading the news about the horrific mass shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas. I know that many of you are battling the same feelings of sadness and anger that I, and many around our state and nation, are feeling after this devastating tragedy. Enough is enough.

Over the last two weeks alone, there have been 26 mass shootings across the US — five of which were in the state of Texas. These heartbreaking events are taking place at schools, churches and grocery stores — places where people should feel safe and sadly no longer do. I am unbearably tired of witnessing these senseless acts of violence, and I long for the day when mass shootings are no longer part of our vocabulary.

Today, along with Texas Children’s leadership, I am choosing to take a stand and use my voice to help speak for these innocent victims. These heinous crimes against humanity should not be happening in our state or our nation and we must take immediate action to mitigate this national pandemic. I urge community and elected leaders to come together to develop policies that will protect our nation’s children.

Texas Children’s Hospital is only a few hours away from the City of Uvalde. These are our neighbors and it breaks my heart that these innocent victims were taken from their families and friends entirely too soon.

Texas Children’s is ready and willing to support the children, parents, families, teachers and administrators of the City of Uvalde in any way we can. For now, I encourage you to take care of yourself and remember that it will take all of us working and advocating together to help put an end to these heartbreaking tragedies.


Mark A. Wallace