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Once Upon a Time Amrina 2024 Sponsors

Specialty Tables 

Kim and Robert Marling
Stacey and Steve Bourque
Patricia and Scott Young

NRI Premium Supporter 

Barbara and Michael Feigin
Gary Sumner 
Waste Connections

Friends of the NRI 

Marie and Vijay Goradia
Susan and Jon Harris/Judith Feigin and Colin Faulkner
Melissa and Thomas McCaffrey
Debbie and Steve Sukin
Claudia and David Walkup
Huda and William Zoghbi

VIP Tickets

Beth and Arthur Sands
Surinder Singh
Ann and Jerry Snyder
Angela and Bret Strong
Louise and Tim Yearout


Leila and Jason Higham
Lisa Lovell
Grant Potepan
Margo and Ken Proctor
Stacey and Brad Risner