Star Ratings FAQ

About Provider Ratings

We want to improve. Our patients help us.

We believe patients and families are our partners in care and that sharing complete and accurate feedback is important. As part of our efforts, we post providers’ ratings and comments online. This transparency helps keep everyone informed so that parents can choose the best possible care for their child. 

Texas Children’s continues to be a preeminent resource for health and hope to all children and their families. The feedback we receive allows us to consistently improve the quality of care and services that we provide. 

What is the survey?

Often after a visit with a Texas Children’s provider, patients may receive a survey via text or email asking them about their visit. Patients or their parents share thoughts and experiences with a third-party survey partner company, Press Ganey. 

Where do the ratings and comments come from? 

Comments and ratings displayed for each provider come directly from patients’ responses in the survey.  

What makes these ratings different from other ratings I see online?  

Ratings and comments displayed on our site come from verified patients. In other ratings platforms, anyone can submit information that sometimes results in skewed information that is not verified. Texas Children’s ratings come directly from patients we confirm have received care at one of our locations. 

Why do only certain doctors have ratings or comments?

Ratings and comments are displayed for providers who are available for online scheduling. As a result, a number of providers do not yet have their comments available publically. Additionally, we do not publish ratings and comments until our team has vetted the information for accuracy. 

Does Texas Children’s display all ratings and comments received from the survey? 

In order to ensure the trust of our patients and colleagues, we publish all comments relevant to the provider themselves – both positive and negative. Responses about other staff members, locations or procedures will not be shared. Please note that comments are posted online anonymously. 

Does Texas Children’s edit the comments before publication? 

Occasionally, personal information like a patient’s name included in a comment will be removed as a matter of privacy.  Additionally, there may be comments that address items outside of a physician’s area of care that are not included —such as parking or food court options—because they are not related to nor a reflection of the provider.

We do not post comments that are profane, libelous, slanderous, irrelevant or otherwise inappropriate or may risk the privacy of our patients.

Who should I contact if I have any questions or concerns?

Please email us at, or call our Patient and Family Services team at 832-824-4077.