2023 Pediatric Research Symposium Abstract Index


Academic General Pediatrics
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Morey, Chantel MD 121 Baby Steps: Assessing Access to and Disparities within  Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) in Harris County ECI, Harris County, disparities
Patel, Arjun DO 82 Determinants of Outcome in Neonatal Intestinal Failure and Ostomy following Reanastomosis NEC, Short gut syndrome, jejunostomy, ileostomy, colostomy
Allergy and Immunology
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Blackmon, Warren 40 Cellular and Transcriptional Signatures to Identify Heterogeneity in Human Gamma Delta T Cells in Shrimp Allergic Patients
Fernandez Davila, Natalia  MD 136 NCF4 Compound Heterozygosity in a Patient with Pediatric Systemic Lupus Erythematosus SLE, CGD, exome, immunology, rheumatology
Haddad, Cynthia MD 114 FPIES updates from a single U.S. pediatric center FPIES, Pediatric, Epidemiology
Nieto, Alejandro PhD 79 Type I interferon autoantibodies in children with severe COVID-19 and MIS-C COVID-19, MIS-C, autoantibodies, Type I interferons
Raymond, Loveita MD 123 Pilot Program utilizes telemedicine to expedite penicillin allergy de-labeling penicillin allergy, de-labeling, telemedicine
Rana, Ruchit MD 86 Stuck Between a Block and a Hard Place: Vaccine-Hypersensitivity Testing in Children with Cardiac Disease Vaccine, Anaphylaxis, Cardiovascular Disease, Beta Blocker
Su, Brenda Bin PhD 144 Important role of gamma delta T cells in response to shrimp allergen  in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from shrimp allergic patients
Zelnick, Michelle MS 102 Whole Genome Sequencing in Suspected Inborn Error of Immunity Birt-Hogg-Dubé, Chronic Granulomatous disease, Hyper IgE Syndrome
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Bishop, Ryan MD 39 Prenatal Echocardiographic Predictors of Atrioventricular Septal Defect Postnatal Surgical Strategies Fetal echocardiography, Single ventricle palliation
Lovin, Julia MD * Individualized aortic root prediction in pediatric Marfan Syndrome Aortopathy, Cardiovascular genetics
Shabosky, John MD 92 Improving Knowledge, Skills, and Retention: Impact of a Congenital Heart Disease Transition Medicine Program Adolescent, Knowledge, Skills, Retention
Cardiothoracic Transplantation and Circulatory Support
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Lynn, Jake 71 Reducing Discard: Risk Index Predicts Pediatric Heart Allograft Discard Allograft discard, heart transplantation, pediatric transplantation, DSRI
Cell and Gene Therapy
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Morris, Jessica 141 CD6 isoforms improve CAR T-cell fitness Cell Therapy, Alternative Splicing, Solid Tumors
Rathi, Purva 143 Glypican-3-specific CAR-NKTs overexpressing BATF3 mediate potent antitumor activity against hepatocellular carcinoma Immunotherapy
Critical Care
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Chadayammuri, Anjali MD 111 THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CHILDHOOD OPPORTUNITY AND PICU RESOURCE UTILIZATION social determinants of health, health equity, critical care outcomes
Deshotels, Kirby 49 Correlation between plasma-based and viscoelastic coagulation assays in pediatric liver failure
Dutko, Amy MD 50 Improving Time to Intervention in Patients with Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children Using Point-of-Care Ultrasound in the Emergency Department cardiac dysfunction, pediatrics
Gilpatrick, Maryam MD 128 Characterizing Mismatches Between Sepsis Scores and Sepsis Best Practice Alerts in a Pediatric ICU Sepsis Predictive Model best-practice-alert, scoring tool, prediction model
Hassumani, Daniel MD, MS 106 A Serious Game to Accelerate Competency of Critical Care Providers in Managing Mechanical Ventilation Serious Game, Mechanical Ventilation, Education, Pediatric Critical Care, Ventilator, Respiratory
Lang, Anna BSA 68 Correlation Between Stroke Volume Variability, Thoracic Fluid Content, and Net Fluid Balance in Pediatric Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy crrt, pediatrics, critical care, stroke volume variability
Mansour, Marwa MD 72 Underweight and outcomes in surgical and medical critically ill children admitted to neuro ICU malnutrition, underweight, neuro ICU.
Naeem, Buria MD 75 Biliary Atresia and Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure in Children: Outcomes post Liver Transplantation Biliary atresia, liver failure, cirrhosis, surgical outcomes
Sethi, Louisa 108 Enhanced Educational Engagement in the PICU Using Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) Medical education, residents, Educational Design Research, Curriculum Engagement
Stayer, Kelsey 29 Exogenous arginine is necessary for proinflammatory inducible nitric oxide synthase protein expression and nitric oxide generation in macrophages citrulline, sepsis, immune modulation
Walter, Sarah MD 110 Training Development for Pediatric Dose Optimization for Seizures in EMS (PediDOSE) Study: Design and Evaluation of Education Activity for Paramedics Blended learning, EMS training, pre-hospital medicine
Developmental Pediatrics
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Patel, Janki DO, FAAP 122 Impact of COVID-19 on Primary Care Pediatrician Referrals for Developmental and Behavioral Health Concerns Pandemic, access to care, behavioral health, anxiety, depression, pediatrics
Shank, Sara MD 130 Improving the Transition into Adulthood Process for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Developmental Pediatrics, Fragile X Syndrome, Care coordination
Shank, Sara MD 93 Early Versus Delayed Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder Developmental Pediatrics, health disparities
Diabetes and Endocrinology
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Crain, Emily MD 46 Disparities in insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor use in youth with type 1 diabetes
Craven, Meghan MD, MPH 47 Barriers to transition from pediatric to adult care: A qualitative study of type 1 diabetes providers in Botswana Global Health, Type 1 Diabetes, Transition
El Ayash, Heba MD * Incretins and cardiac autonomic function in youth with obesity across the glycemia spectrum. Glucagon-like peptide-1, GIP, heart rate variability, pediatric obesity, type 2 diabetes
Ginnard, Olivia DO 9 Expression of Vitamin D Receptor Pathway Genes Across Tissues of Individuals with Obesity Vitamin D; Obesity
Siller, Alejandro MD, MSCI 94 Comparison of Laboratory-Measured Hemoglobin A1c and Estimated Hemoglobin A1c from Continuous Glucose Monitor Data in Pediatric Hispanic Patients Type 1 Diabetes, Glycemic control, Diabetes technology
Velasquez, Horacio MD 109 An Adolescent Female with Autoimmune Hepatitis and Graves’ Disease: An Unusual Presentation and Challenges in Management Endocrinology, autoimmune disease, pediatric case
Emergency Medicine
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Aloisio, Gina MD/PhD 1 Epithelial composition of human nasal organoids during infection with  Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) RSV, bronchiolitis, organoids, lung epithelium
Fanny, Sanemba Aya MD MPH 105 Anti-Racist and Anti-Colonial Content within US Global Health Curricula global health equity, decolonization, anti-racism
Guess, Katherine MD, MPH 54 Life After Trauma: Acute Stress Disorder and Resiliency in Pediatric Trauma Patients trauma, acute stress disorder, psychiatry
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Harris, Rachel 115 Ethnic-Specific Clinical Predictors of Neurotoxicity Among Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) Patients Following High-Dose Methotrexate (HD-MTX) toxicity, methotrexate, leukemia
Shetty, Priya PhD 124 Fine-mapping of SMAD6 sequence data identifies additional risk loci for Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis targeted sequencing, case-control, genetic epidemiology, SNP, gnomAD
Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Lynch, Lauren 17 Microbial deconjugation of bile acids protects against increased gut barrier permeability in malnutrition. gut microbiome, intestine, gut permeability, bile acids, malnutrition
Mercedes, Rebecca MD 120 Screening Rates and the Prevalence of Hepatitis B among People Living with HIV in Eswatini global health, vaccine, Africa
Pathan, Saliha 25 P2Y2 purinergic receptor antagonism protects against pro-inflammatory macrophage-mediated hepatocellular injury. Liver injury, inflammation, macrophage secretome, P2Y2 purinergic receptor.
Soni, Krishnakant 28 Bile acids differentially regulate smooth muscle contractility in mouse ileum motility, dysmotility, bile acids, GI tract.
Global and Immigrant Health
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Daghestani, Samia 126 Scheduling Process Change Improves Access to Subspecialty Care for Unaccompanied Immigrant Children quality improvement, appointments, pediatrics
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Aquino Lopez, Arianexys MD PhD 131 Repurposing Virus Specific T cells as Immune Therapy for Osteosarcoma cancer, immunotherapy, cell therapy, anti-PDL1, oncolytic virus
Barragan, Gabriel BS, MS * Co-expression of the IL15-IL15Rα complex with a 41BB-based chimeric antigen receptor promotes superior antitumor activity in NKT cells Neuroblastoma CAR immunotherapy
Berger, Harrison BS 133 Autoantibody responses associated with HER2 CAR T-cell therapy in pediatric sarcoma NAPPA, sarcoma, pIgR, humoral responses, immunotherapy
Brown-Suedel, Alexandra 4 A novel role for TCOF1 at replication forks outside the nucleolus TCOF1, nucleolus, replication, caspase-2
Chavana, Ashley  BS in Biochemistry 42 Association of Laxative Use and Constipation with Delayed Clearance of High-Dose Methotrexate in Children and Adolescents with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia leukemia, constipation, methotrexate, toxicity
de la Cruz Bonilla, Marimar MD, PhD 134 Epstein-Barr virus lytic cycle reactivation to enhance EBV-specific T-cell immunotherapy for lymphoma epigenetics, HDAC inhibtors, acetylation
Do, Lauren BA, BS 127 QI Project to Improve Education Around and Access to Dental Care at Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer and Hematology Centers oral-systemic link, dental treatment, preventative oral health
Geris, Jennifer PhD, MPH * Association of Latino ethnicity with cytogenetic subtype in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia: A report from the Reducing Ethnic Disparities in Acute Leukemia (REDIAL) Consortium Race/ethnicity, ALL, cytogenetics
Heczey, Andras 61 Anti-GD2 CAR-NKT cells are safe and produce antitumor responses in patients with relapsed/refractory neuroblastoma Immunotherapy, invariant NKT, CAR
Hsu, Ching-Ju MS 117 BIRTH DEFECT COMBINATIONS AMONG INFANTS WITH TRISOMY 21 Epidemiology, Down syndrome, birth defects, digestive system, congenital heart defects
Junco, Jacob PhD 13 A novel transgenic mouse model of DS-ALL identifies upregulation of DNA repair signaling and kinase signaling as targetable vulnerabilities Down syndrome, leukemia, drug screening
Kelly, Gillean BA 118 Cancer Risk in Children with Overgrowth Features and Syndromes: A Population-Based Assessment among 7-Million Births Cancer predisposition, epidemiology, genetic syndromes
Lopez, Karla BS in genetics 16 Reciprocal compensation of caspase-2 and p53 in the DNA damage response cell cycle, DNA damage
Nebor, Danitza PhD 22 Testing rapamycin as a treatment for sickle cell disease Sickle cell disease, adhesion, organ damage, vaso-occlusion
O'Keefe, Madeleine MD 142 Defining the genetic and epigenetic landscape of pediatric AML in Uganda Global health, methylation analysis
Rios, Xavier 26 Fine-tuning of chimeric antigen receptor domain combinations via barcoded pooled screening improves effector cell persistence and anti-neuroblastoma activity CAR, Immunotherapy, synthetic Biology, HTS, Neuroblastoma
Salgar, Suruchi 27 Mechanisms of Heme-Induced Inflammatory Caspase Activation in Sickle Cell Disease heme, inflammatory caspases, sickle cell disease
Tian, Gengwen 30 Harnessing CRISPR/Cas9 mutagenesis screening for rational design of next-generation CAR-NKT therapy against neuroblastoma
Hospital Medicine
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Clary, Cody MD 104 Anchors Away: Is the Provisional Diagnosis Holding Trainee’s Down? Clinical Reasoning, Diagnostic Error, Medical Education
Hopkins, Emily MD 107 State of Affairs for Advocacy Education in Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowships Across the United States Hospitalists, Survey, Training
Nguyen, Bradford MD 77 Clinical Features and Treatment Course for Children Hospitalized with Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia Without a Focus: A Case Series intravenous antibiotic duration, infection, fever, Pediatric Health Information System
Infectious Diseases
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Del Valle Penella, Ana MD 48 Performance of Dried Blood Spot for the Diagnosis of Congenital Cytomegalovirus in a Single Center: A Real-World Experience Congenital Cytomegalovirus, Dried Blood Spot, Newborn Screening, Congenital infections
Hiermandi, Nahid DO, MA 116 Impact of Surveillance and Decolonization on Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Infection Rates in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit MRSA, NICU, Infection Control, MRSA Colonization
Kennedy II, Daniel PhD 14 Dnmt3a clonal hematopoiesis dysregulates immune signaling during acute respiratory infection Clonal hematopoiesis, Dnmt3a, immunology, antigen presentation
Maknojia, Arushana BS 18 Microbiome-driven type I interferon signaling regulates the survival of B cells Antibiotics, bone marrow, cytopenias, signaling pathways, blood production, hematopoiesis
Orbea, Marisa Paola MD 81 Influenza, SARS-CoV-2, and routine childhood vaccines – trends in vaccine hesitancy in hospitalized children before and during the COVID-19 pandemic Vaccine Hesitancy, Influenza, SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19 Pandemic
Said, Amira MD 90 Invasive candidiasis in children with hematologic malignancies at Texas Children’s Hospital immunocompromised hosts, fungal infection, antifungal resistance
Said, Amira MD 129 The impact of provider feedback on telemedicine services at a quaternary pediatric hospital medical informatics, electronic health record, telehealth
Sarmiento Clemente, Adriana MD 91 Prognostic Factors Associated with Acute Hematogenous Osteomyelitis Complications in Children acute hematogenous osteomyelitis, complications
Molecular & Human Genetics
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Anderson, Ashley PhD 2 Druggable MeCP2 modulators identified via genome-wide CRISPR screen Rett syndrome, MECP2 duplication syndrome, CRISPR screen
Bajikar, Sameer PhD 3 MeCP2 regulates Gdf11, a dosage-sensitive gene critical for neurological function Modifier genes, bioinformatics, genetic interaction
Butts, Jessica 5 Elucidating the molecular basis of Atoh1 lineage diversity in the developing hindbrain Single-cell RNA sequencing, brainstem, mouse embryo
Mittal, Somya 21 Distribution and projections of dopaminergic-GABAergic neurons in the mouse hypothalamus co-transmission, arcuate nucleus, TIDA neurons
Zhou, Jian PhD 35 The role of TCF20 complex in neurodevelopment and MECP2-related disease pathogenesis Rett syndrome, neurodevelopmental disorder, MeCP2, TCF20, transcription
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Chao, Howard MD 41 Comparison of near-infrared spectroscopy based cerebral autoregulatory indices in extremely low birth weight infants cerebral autoregulation, intraventricular hemorrhage, IVH, premature, extremely low birth weight infants, near-infrared spectroscopy, NIRS
Goates , Meagan  10 Blocking IL-17a Signaling Decreases Lung Inflammation and Improves Alveolarization in Experimental Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Neonatal, immune, inflammatory, cytokine
Gonzales, Danielle MD 113 Superfund Sites and Hurricane Harvey: Evaluating the Association of Environmental Hazards and Disasters as Potential Root Causes of Inequity in Maternal/Neonatal Health Outcomes Environmental epidemiology, climate change, environmental hazard, inequity, preterm birth
Gonzales, Danielle MD 53 Addressing racial/ethnic disparities in NICU mothers’ mental health access to care via a smartphone app Technology, health equity, mental health, pregnancy, postpartum, NICU
Hammond, James MD 55 Male Sex Impacts Outcomes in Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia
Hanna, Morcos DO 56 Ductal Shunting in Neonates with CDH: Does the Direction of Flow Predict Clinical Outcomes? Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia; Pulmonary Hypertension, Patent Ductus Arteriosus
Hanna, Morcos 57 Infant isolation and cohorting for preventing transmission of healthcare-associated infections in neonatal units: a systematic review Single room isolation; Cohorting; Healthcare-associated infection (HAI)
Hari Gopal , Srirupa  MBBS 58 Inotropic Score and Vasoactive Inotropic Score as Predictors of Outcomes in Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia: A Single Center Retrospective Study Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, Extracorporeal Membrane oxygenation, pulmonary hypertension
Hari Gopal , Srirupa  59 Oxygen Saturation Index-A Surrogate for Oxygenation Index in Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia
Hari Gopal, Srirupa 60 Population-Based Screening Strategies for Biliary Atresia in Newborn: A Systematic Review Biliary Atresia, Systematic Review, Newborn Screening
Jorgensen, Bryce DO 137 Epigenomic alterations and Systemic Inflammation in Necrotizing Enterocolitis NEC, Epigenetics, inflammation, DNA methylation
Niemyjski, Emily DO 23 Quantifying Longitudinal Human Milk Levels of Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin (NGAL), Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9), and MMP-9/NGAL Complex in Preterm Infants: A Pilot Study. Neonatal nutrition
Saenz, Bianca MD, BS 89 Feasibility, Safety and Short-Term Outcomes of Mucous Fistula Refeeding in Infants with Intestinal Failure and Stoma Neonatology, Nutrition, Gastroenterology, Pediatric Surgery
Snell, Johnae MD, MPH 95 The Pump Matters: An Educational Bundle to Promote a Predominant Mother’s-Own-Milk (MOM) Diet in Very Low Birthweight (VLBW) Infants Breastfeeding; Neonatal Nutrition; Breastmilk; Breast Pumping; Oral Care
zebda, rema DO 101 Artificial Intelligence for Precision Medicine in Preterm Infants Artificial intelligence, machine learning, prematurity
Zheng, Feng MD 34 Analysis of Pulse Respiration Quotient: A Parameter For Cardiorespiratory Activity in the Neonatal Population
Zheng, Feng MD 103 The use of diffuse correlation spectroscopy and transcranial doppler ultrasound for the monitoring of cerebral blood flow in patients requiring intervention for congenital heart defects cerebrovascular autoregulation, critical closing pressures, non-invasive monitoring
Neurology & Developmental Neuroscience
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Choy, Tiffany 7 Defining the Role of Daam2 Variants in Glioblastoma Multiforme Progression glioma, tumorigenesis, mutation
Corriveau, Melina BS 45 PAK1c.1409T>A (p.Leu470Glu) de novo variant disrupts the protein kinase domain, leading to epilepsy, macrocephaly, spastic quadriplegia, and hydrocephalus: case report and review of the literature PAK1 gene; Delayed development; Autoregulatory domain, IDDMSSD
Franzen, Ronald BSA, BBA 52 Neurobehavioral Characterization of EBF3-related Hypotonia, Ataxia, and Delayed Development Syndrome EBF3, neurodevelopment, neuropsychology, autism, disease prognostication
Jo, Juyeon PhD 12 Deciphering mechanisms of perinatal white matter injury-induced adolescent neuropsychiatric outcomes Perinatal white matter injury, neuropsychiatric disorders
Kim, Kyoungin PhD 15 The role of astrocytic Slc4a4 in vascular dementia BBB, astrocyte, microglia
Mao, Kailin PhD 19 Determining the neurological consequences of Eif2ak2 dysfunction in mouse models of EIF2AK2-related LEUDEN syndrome Neurodevelopment; Protein Kinase R; Protein translation; Mouse model
McDermott, Kristine BS, MS, PhD 20 Serotonin Neurons and Meal Regulation Serotonin, Feeding, Meal, Dopamine, GABA
Naveed, Hajera 76 Social Behavioral Impairments in SYNGAP1-related Intellectual Disability Social Responsiveness Scale, SYNGAP1-ID, PMD
Pang, Kaifang 24 Single-cell coexpression analysis of GRIN2A identifies key brain cells, biological pathways and risk genes in schizophrenia, autism and epilepsy
Wu, Jordan MSc 32 Deepening the utility of the cephalocaudal grooming microstructure to study behavioral pathologies of human autism spectrum disorders Neurodevelopment; Translational neuroscience; ASD; Mouse stereotypy
Ye, Qi PhD 33 Protective role of Slc4a4 in astrocyte-blood-brain-barrier (BBB) integrity in healthy and ischemic stroke brain brain vasculature disorder, pH, glial metabolism, chemokine
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Chen, Xi MD, PhD 6 Hyaluronidase-1 inhibits hepatic gluconeogenesis Hyaluronidase-1, glycometabolism, liver, ATP generation
Fergason, Kyla Bachelor of Arts 135 The influence of the family environment on children’s sleep during the school year and summer sleep, parenting practices, media, sleep hygiene, temperament
Juneja, Shivanki BA 66 Relative Validity of Nutrition Assessment Tools for Estimating Infant Carotenoid Intake Nutrition, Pediatric, Clinical, Diet
Malick, Inaara BA 139 Blood Beta-cryptoxanthin Concentrations are Associated with Adiponectin in Healthy Infants carotenoids, cytokines, adipokines, infant
Melendez Hebib, Valeria Master of Science 140 Human Donor Milk and Probiotics Differentially Shape the Gut Microbiome and Risk for Necrotizing Enterocolitis HMO, Bifidobacterium, NEC
Varghese, Varsha BA 97 Relative Validity of Reflection Spectroscopy-Measured Skin Carotenoids as a Biomarker of Dietary Carotenoid Intake in Diverse US Toddlers Veggie Meter, dietary assessment, dietary biomarkers, fruit and vegetable intake, children
Wade, Joshua 31 Short-term Donor Human Milk-Feeding Promotes Greater Liver Beta-carotene Concentrations than Infant Formula Feeding in Preterm Neonatal Pigs
Pathology & Immunology
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Aguilar-Lopez, Miriam PhD 36 Prevalence of gastrointestinal symptoms in children with autism spectrum disorder and its association with behavior and gut microbiota: a cross-sectional analysis. Autism spectrum disorder, gastrointestinal health, diet, behavior
Niles, Denver MD 80 Plasma cell-free metagenomic next generation sequencing in the clinical setting for the diagnosis of infectious diseases: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Karius, metagenomic next generation sequencing, cell-free DNA
Pediatric Surgery
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Lucavs, Jason * Functional Evaluation of Capicua Missense Mutations and Their Contributions to Neuropsychiatric Disorders neurologic disease, RNA sequencing, mouse model, and mouse behavior
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Lozano, Ivana BA Psychology 70 An Examination of MyChart for Recruitment Into a U.S.-based Autism Research Cohort Pediatric, patient web-portal, enrollment
Mash, Lisa PhD 73 Cognitive sparing in proton versus photon radiotherapy for pediatric brain tumor associated with white matter integrity oncology; neuropsychology; diffusion tensor imaging
Roberts, Caroline PhD 88 Lean on Me: The Role of General and Diabetes-Specific Social Support in Diabetes Outcomes among Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Social Support, Self-management, Type 1 Diabetes
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
McHugh, Erin MD MPH 119 Association of viral respiratory illness with asthma hospitalizations and ED visits. Asthma, COVID19
REILING, KRISTA MD 87 The SHOOTS Questionnaire: A Pediatric Screening Tool for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Sleep Apnea
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Bledsaw, Kandice 125 The Integration of an Oral Health Educator Enhances MBI-CLABSI Prevention for Pediatric BMT Patients CLABSI, MBI-CLABSI, Pediatric, BMT, Oncology
Chawla, Jonathan MD 43 High prevalence of sleep pathology in pediatric hemodialysis patients as assessed by ActiGraph® accelerometer dialysis, actigraphy, sleep, ESKD
Jarrell, Caroline MD 64 Thirty Years of Native Kidney Biopsies at Texas Children’s Hospital 1989-2019
Lang, Anna BSA 67 Correlation Between Thoracic Fluid Content and Net Fluid Balance in Pediatric Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy crrt, pediatrics, critical care, fluid balance
Rairikar, Mugdha 83 FGF23 and α-Klotho clearance on continuous kidney replacement therapy in pediatric patients AKI, CVVHDF, bone mineral dysregulation
Rairikar, Mugdha MD 84 Bone Disease in Children on Prolonged Continuous Kidney Replacement Therapy with Regional Citrate Anticoagulation
Rairikar, Mugdha  MD 85 PLASMIC (PLASMICkid) Score for Pediatric Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura TMA, TPE
Vuong, Kim MD, MPH 98 Clearance and Nutrition in Neonatal Continuous Kidney Support Therapy (CKST) Using the CARPEDIEM System Neonatal dialysis, CKST, CRRT, nutrition
Vuong, Kim MD, MPH 99 Continuous Kidney Support Therapy (CKST) with Neonates Using the Carpediem System CKST, neonatal, dialysis
Vuong, Kim MD, MPH 100 Functional outcomes in infant survivors of continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) CRRT, functional outcome, neonatal dialysis
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Altaffer, Ana Luiza MD 37 Immunomodulatory Therapy for Idiopathic Recurrent Erythema Multiforme: a Case Report pediatrics, rheumatology, rash, azathioprine
Beil, Emily MD 38 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Time to Diagnosis of Pediatric Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (pSLE) at a Large Tertiary Center
Chun, Angela MD 44 Idiopathic Pulmonary Capillaritis Within the Spectrum of Pediatric Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage pediatric rheumatology, pediatric pulmonology, pulmonary hemorrhage
Izaguirre Baday, Yiressy MD 62 Clinical Significance SSA and SSB Antibodies in Pediatric SLE Patients:  A Single Center Cohort Lupus, Sjogrens, Antibodies
Janysek, Dawn MD 63 Clinical Significance of SCL-70 Antibodies in Pediatric Lupus Patients:  A Single Center Cohort Lupus, Anti-topoisomerase, Systemic Sclerosis
Joginpalli, Sharanya MD 65 Safety of Plasmapheresis as an Adjuvant Therapy in Severe Pediatric Anti-neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody Associated Vasculitis: A Single Center Cohort ANCA vasculitis, therapeutic plasma exchange, PLEX
Nguyen, Jessica BS, MD 78 Response to Tofacitinib in an Infant with Aicardi-Goutières Syndrome due to Biallelic Variants in RNU7-1 Type I interferonopathy, JAK inhibition, AGS9, RNU7-1
Stubbs, Leigh MD/MPH 96 Majeed Syndrome: Two Cases with a Novel Mutation rheumatology; auto-inflammatory; orthopedics; hematology; radiology
Wood, Stephanie 145 Interrogation of STAT3 Activation in Patients with Polyarticular Juvenile Arthritis
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Montgomery, Ashley BA 74 Constructing an Intent-to-Treat Index to Predict Survival Outcomes in Pediatric Liver Transplant Recipients transplantation, outcomes, organ allocation
Tropical Medicine
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Curtis, Michael PhD 8 Investigating the roles of putative lipoproteins in the relapsing fever Borrelia vector colonization, transmission, and early mammalian infection Vector-borne disease, Ticks, Vector Competence
Green, Freedom MRes, BAAS 11 Surveillance of Arboviral Pathogens and their Associated Vectors in Southeast Texas, 2021 Mosquito-borne disease, vector surveillance, arbovirus, pathogen testing