2022 Surgical Research Symposia Abstract Index

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Fuller, Clinton L MD 23 A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial to Assess the Feasibility of Administering an Augmented Reality in Pediatric Oncology Patients Undergoing Surgery. Immersive Technologies, Opioids, Gaming
Congenital Heart Surgery
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Bonilla-Ramirez, Carlos MD 8 Down Syndrome in Single Ventricle Patients Is Associated with Worse Survival single ventricle; Down syndrome
Bonilla-Ramirez, Carlos MD 9 Right Ventricular Outflow Tract Obstruction after the Arterial Switch Operation for Taussig-Bing Anomaly Repair Taussig Bing anomaly
Bonilla-Ramirez, Carlos MD 10 Aortic Arch Flow Properties in Patients with a Single Ventricle and Aortic Arch Reconstruction Single ventricle
Wadhwa , Lalita PhD 62 SOMATIC VARIATIONS AND THE ROLE IN ETIOLOGY OF CONGENITAL HEART DISEASE Copy number variation; Non syndromic; Sporadic; Heart Center Tissue Bank 
General Obstetrics & Gynecology
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Brander, Emily PA MD 11 The effect of hormone replacement timing on bone mineral density accrual in young patients with Turner syndrome. Turner Syndrome, bone mineral density, hormone replacement therapy, puberty, multilevel models
Calderon, Gisele A PhD 15 Recapitulating human menopausal vaginal tissue with an ovariectomized mouse model menopause, estrogen, hyaluronan, women’s health
McGovern Medical School, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Goss, Matthew B MS 26 A New Chapter in an Evolving Pandemic: Successful Pediatric Liver Transplantation with COVID+ Donors COVID-19, Donor Pool Expansion, Transplant
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Gadgil, Nisha MD 24 The Incidence of Progressive Herniation of Fetal Cephaloceles fetal surgery, occipital encephalocele, congenital
Prablek, Marc A MD 46 Pediatric Stereotactic Image-Guided C1-2 Transarticular Screw Placement: A Technical Note Spine, Navigation, stereotaxy, atlantoaxial instability
Weiner, Howard L MD 63 High Social Vulnerability Affects Survival of Pediatric Patients with Abusive Head Trauma: Comparison During COVID-19 child abuse, head trauma, covid-19
Whitehead, William E MD 65 Anterior versus posterior entry site for ventriculoperitoneal shunt insertion: a randomized controlled trial by the Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network hydrocephalus, csf shunt, pediatric
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Ezeokoli, Ekene BS 18 Characterization and prevalence of pediatric ramp lesions after anterior cruciate ligament tears ACL, MRI, meniscus, reconstruction
Ezeokoli, Ekene U BS 19 Plastic multilayered closure versus orthopedic surgeon closure after spinal instrumentation in pediatric neuromuscular scoliosis fusion, dehiscence, orthopedic, spine, infection
Ezeokoli, Ekene U BS 20 Changes in proportion of pediatric non-accidental traumatic injuries during the early COVID-19 time period. child abuse, trauma, injury, fracture
Ezeokoli, Ekene U BS 21 Post-operative infections after cutaneous reduction and percutaneous pinning in type II and type III pediatric supracondylar humerus fractures trauma, orthopedics, children, skin, cast, 
Gladstein, Aharon MD 25 Validation of Ultrasound Use for Evaluation of the Femoral Trochlea patellar instability; sonography; knee
Gremillion, Matthew BS 27 Lower Extremity Stress Fractures in the Pediatric Population: A Case Series and Assessment of Patient-Reported Outcomes sports medicine, stress injury, stress reaction, lower extremity function score 
McGraw-Heinrich, Jessica MD 35 Rates of Implant Related Fractures After Proximal Femoral Osteotomies for Neuromuscular Hip Dysplasia periprosthetic fracture; proximal femur osteotomy; coxa valga; neuromuscular hip dysplasia
McGraw-Heinrich, Jessica A. MD 36 Pediatric Distal Third Tibial Shaft Fractures: A Comparison of Surgical Fixation Methods and Incidence of Concomitant Physeal Fractures pediatric orthopaedic trauma; physeal fracture; tibial shaft fracture
Mitchell, Parker BS 38 Rib and sternal lesions in pediatric langerhans cell histiocytosis: treatment and outcomes orthopedic surgery, lesions, immune system
Ramesh, Ghanta B BS 48 Lateral Epicondylar Fractures In The Pediatric Population: An Assessment Of Patient Reported Outcomes Pediatric elbow fracture, DASH, Epicondyle fracture
Silverstein, Rachel S MD 57 Long Term Maintenance of Deformity Correction After Posterior Spinal Fusion for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Spine Deformity, Pediatric Spine, Lowest instrumented vertebrae
Silverstein, Rachel S MD 53 Pellegrini-Stieda Lesions in the Pediatric Population: a Case Series MCL sprain, Osseous lesion, Knee injury
Silverstein, Rachel S MD 54 Pediatric Metacarpophalangeal and Carpometacarpal Joint Dislocations Frequently Require Surgical Treatment Hand dislocations, Pediatric hand, Pediatric dislocations
Silverstein, Rachel S MD 55 Collagen VI mutation related disorder Bethlem myopathy: A Retrospective Cohort Study muscular dystrophy, Collagen Disorder, Congenital muscle disorder
Silverstein, Rachel S MD 56 Frog-leg Lateral Pelvic Radiographs are Reliable for the Measurement of Acetabular Index in Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip Pediatric Hip, Pelvic Xray, Pelvic measurements
Wheaton, Paige N PA-C 64 A Comparison of Language Service Modalities and Its Impact on Patient Satisfaction and Care interpreters; limited English proficiency; quality; outpatient
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Barbot, Chantal DO 3 Arteriovenous Malformation of the Auricle: Considerations in a developmentally delayed adult Jehovah’s Witness patient Arteriovenous Malformation, Auricle, Jehovah’s Witness
Brown, Jennifer N PA-C 12 Validation of an Aerodigestive Provider Assessment Survey Aerodigestive, content validation
Hajiyev, Yusif MD, PhD 28 Continuous wound infusion versus peripheral nerve block techniques for auricular reconstruction postoperative pain management Microtia, costal cartilage, pain management
Jain, Samagra BS 29 Type-1 Laryngeal Cleft and Pathogenic Bacterial Growth in the Lower Airway in Children Laryngeal cleft, bronchoalveolar lavage, bacterial growth, aspiration
Kobayashi, Kenji R MD 30 Endoscopic Posterior Rotation Flap for Posterior Glottic Insufficiency endoscopic, pediatric, dysphonia, hoarseness, surgery
Marcet-Gonzalez, Jessie 32 Comparing Outcomes between Mepilex White and Mepilex Silver for Tracheotomy Dressings- A Randomized Controlled Trial
Marcet-Gonzalez, Jessie 33 An analysis of scoliosis effects on tracheostomy tube fit in pediatric patients scoliosis, tracheostomy
Ongkasuwan, Julina MD 41 Vocal Fold Movement and Silent Aspiration After Congenital Heart Surgery Congenital heart disease; aspiration; congenital heart surgery; dysphagia; pediatric feeding; vocal fold movement impairment.
Pediatric General Surgery
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Espinoza, Andres F MD 16 Romidepsin Therapy Results in p53 Mediated Apoptosis in Hepatoblastoma Small molecule inhibitor, hepatoblastoma, p53
Espinoza, Andres F MD 17 WNT pathway inhibitor role in Treatment Refractory Hepatoblastoma Hepatoblastoma, wnt, small molecule inhibitor
Faruk, Fayiz BS 22 Shifts Toward Aerobic Glycolysis Produce Physiological Responses to Injury Resulting in Diverse Wound Repair Fibrosis, Fibroblasts, Dermal, Warburg Effect
Mehl, Steven C MD 37 Hospital Variation in Mortality after Inpatient Pediatric Surgery: Does It Matter Where Children Are Treated? Variation in mortality, Failure to rescue
Olutoye II, Oluyinka O MD 40 Sexual Dimorphism in Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia pulmonary hypertension, endothelial cells, tailored therapy
Padon, Benjamin W BS 42 The Role of Endogenously Expressed IL-10 in Wound Closure and Tissue Repair IL-10, wound healing, tissue repair
Prajapati, Tanuj J 47 Engineering Antioxidant and Oxygen-Releasing Lignin Hydrogel Composites to Accelerate Wound Healing Biomaterial, Fibrosis, Wound Repair, Lignin-based
Saiabhiroop, Govindu R  50 NQO1 expression is a biomarker of sensitivity to mTOR inhibitor sapanisertib in hepatoblastoma NQO1, NFE2L2, NRF2, mTOR, hepatoblastoma, liver
Shah, Aayushi P  51 Novel patient-derived xenograft mouse models of hepatoblastoma replicate unique tumor subclones PDX models, cisplatin, lung metastasis, hepatoblastoma, liver, mouse models
Short, Walker D MD 52 Type 1 regulatory T-lymphocytes modulate neovascularization in dermal wounds Angiogenesis, Healing, Inflammation, Skin, Wound
Srivastava, Rohit K PhD 60 Efficacy of dinaciclib in hepatoblastoma and mechanism of action. Liver cancer, targeted drug therapy, apoptosis, hepatoblastoma
Woodfield, Sarah E PhD 66 A circulating tumor cell-based liquid biopsy test for hepatoblastoma hepatoblastoma, metastasis, circulating tumor cell
Plastic Surgery
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Bay, Caroline BA 7 Chest Wall Reconstruction Following the Separation of Thoraco-Omphalopagus Conjoined Twins with Cadaveric Rib Grafts thoracic surgery, plastic surgery, cadaveric bone graft
Bay, Caroline BA 4 Oncoplastic Reconstruction of Palatal Defects in Children: A Single-Center Experience Maxillectomy; Orbital Exenteration; Plastic Surgery; Craniofacial Surgery; Microsurgery
Bay, Caroline BS 5 Impact of the Virtual Format on Plastic Surgery Residency and Fellowship Interviews: A National Cross-Sectional Study Plastic Surgery; Education; COVID-19; Residency Interviews; Fellowship Interviews
Bay, Caroline BS 6 Oncoplastic Reconstruction of the Mandible in Children Using Vascularized and Non-Vascularized Fibula: A Single-Center Study Craniofacial Tumors; Mandibulectomy; Oncoplastic Reconstruction; Neoplasm; Fibula
Burns, Heather R BS 13 Trends in Procedurally-Managed Infantile Hemangiomas of the Face: A Single-Center Retrospective Study Infantile Hemangioma; Plastic Surgery; Lasers; Tissue Rearrangement
Burns, Heather R BA 14 Treatment of an Intra-uterine Pressure Injury: A Unique Case and Comprehensive Review of the Literature Wound care, neonatal, pressure ulcer, PROM, oligohydraminos
Mohan, Vamsi C BS 39 Use of Virtual Surgical Planning for the Treatment of Bilateral Mandibular Fractures: A Clinical Report Mandibular Fractures; Virtual Surgical Planning; Maxillofacial Surgery.
Parham, Matthew MS 43 Management and Wound Care of Primary Cutaneous Aspergillosis in a Premature Neonate Dermatomycoses; Soft Tissue Injuries; Infant, Premature; Wound Healing
Roy, Michelle G PA-C 49 Cleft Care Instructional Video and its Efficacy in Postoperative Care Cleft Lip, Instructional Video, Surgical Site Care 
Smerica, Abel M MD 58 Repairing Cleft Palates in LMICs: Are we missing Isolated Cleft Palates? global surgery, cleft palate diagnosis
Smerica, Abel M MD 59 The Human Touch: How Error Prone are Cleft Lip and Palate Documentation Practices? global health, cleft diagnosis
Tareck, Haykal H BS 61 Sand Dollar and Staves Technique for Treatment of Unilateral Lambdoid Craniosynostosis: A Comparative Pilot Study Craniosynostosis; Lambdoid; Cranial Vault Remodeling; Plastic Surgery; Neurosurgery
BCM School of Medicine
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Pinzas, Lauren A BA 45 Glottic and Subglottic Injury and Development of Pediatric Airway Stenosis subglottic stenosis, airway injury, post-intubation stenosis
Transplant Services
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Arendale, Charles R BS, EMT 1 Lung Transplantation for COVID-19 Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: A Pediatric and Adult Case Series COVID-19, Acute respiratory distress syndrome, Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation 
Luo, Claire MD 31 Healthcare Worker Attitudes on Living Donation Prior to Planned Withdrawal of Care
Transplant Services
Author Poster # Abstract Title Keywords
Bachtel, Hannah A MD 2 Evaluating the utility of routine urine culture and antibiotic treatment in children undergoing OnabotulinumtoxinA injection Botox, neurogenic bladder, UTI
Park Bridget S BS 44 OPERATIVE TIMES WITH ROBOTIC ASSISTED LAPAROSCOPIC PYELOPLASTY ARE ASSOCIATED WITH SURGEON EXPERIENCE LEVEL AND TRAINEE LEVEL Robotic surgery, pediatric urology, minimally invasive surgery, Uretero-pelvic junction obstruction