Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Dr. Redell is committed to understanding and targeting mechanisms of chemotherapy resistance and relapse in pediatric acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Research projects in her lab are focused on understanding the intrinsic mechanisms and extrinsic factors that lead to treatment failure. Her lab is also very interested in preclinical evaluation of novel therapeutics targeting chemoresistance pathways. As with solid tumors, individual cases of AML consist of a variety of subtypes of leukemia cells with different behaviors.


Hematology/Oncology Faculty

Dr. Stevens is currently researching ways to use safe, existing drugs to more effectively treat acute myeloid leukemia, or “AML.” Because the most effective currently available treatments for AML can be hard for children to tolerate, Dr. Stevens is particularly interested in examining how to use atovaquone, a common and well-tolerated drug with promising anti-cancer properties, to better treat pediatric AML. Finding new, tolerable drugs to combat AML would ease treatment side effects and save children’s lives. This has been and always will be Dr. Stevens’ ultimate goal.

832-822-4242 (Clinic), 832-824-4824 (Office)

Clinical Fellow

Dr. Seashore's previous research interests included advancing the understanding of pediatric blood cancers, specifically acute myeloid leukemia (AML). She conducted laboratory research aimed at identifying unique characteristics of leukemia stem cells, which can be resistant to standard chemotherapy and cause relapse. She hopes that her findings can ultimately be used to eliminate these stem cells with targeted therapies.

Postdoctoral Associate


Research Technician