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Barbara Savoldo, MD, PhD

About Laboratory

Dr. Barbara Savoldo’s research interest is in the development of in immunotherapy strategies for virus-associated malignancies and diseases. In collaboration with Cliona Rooney, PhDHelen Heslop, MD and Malcolm Brenner, MD, PhD, she has developed protocols for treatment of EBV-lymphoma developing in recipients of solid organ transplant and of Chronic active EBV infection. In the research laboratory, Dr. Barbara Savoldo is developing assays for early identification of patients at risk for developing EBV-associated diseases.

Dr. Barbara Savoldo is also working on the development of immuno-therapeutic strategies for treatment of non EBV-related Hodgkin Lymphoma and on improving function and persistence of chimeric T cells.

Dr. Barbara Savoldo’s laboratory is part of the Cell and Gene Therapy research laboratories.