Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Dr. Alison Bertuch's research is aimed at understanding the mechanisms of telomere maintenance, structure and function. Her research uses yeast as a model system for the rapid identification and investigation of the genes that govern telomere homeostasis. Of particular interest is set of proteins previously shown to be crucial for the rejoining of DNA breaks that paradoxically also function at telomeres. In addition, Dr. Bertuch's laboratory studies the role of telomere dysfunction in the development of bone marrow failure in children.


Hematology/Oncology Faculty

Dr. Saleh Bhar's research interests focus on improving outcomes for oncology and bone marrow transplant patients who suffer from critical illnesses.


The objectives of the Gramatges lab are to uncover genetic risks, such as underlying defects in telomere maintenance, that may predispose children to cancer and cancer therapy-related toxicities as well as late effects. Her research explores these associations using human samples obtained locally and in collaboration with organizations such as the Children’s Oncology Group and the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study.


Postdoctoral Associate

Graduate Students