Research Mentor Awards

Annually, our faculty are recognized for their outstanding dedication and passion for mentoring students, residents, fellows, and junior faculty with the Research Mentor Awards. In 2019, we expanded this recognition to include the valuable contributions of junior faculty. To be nominated for this award, faculty must demonstrate:

  • Continuous contribution to the growth and development of students, trainees, staff, fellows, and junior faculty in their area of research and pursuit of research goals;
  • A willingness to contribute to the strength of the overall research activities and research training in the Department of Pediatrics;
  •  A strong independent research program;
  • The attributes of a positive career role model;
  • Evidence of leadership, compassion and constructive feedback to their students, trainees, staff, and colleagues.

Research Mentor Awardees

2022    Robin Parihar, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor

2022    Lisa Bouchier-Hayes, PhD, Associate Professor

2022    Katherine King, MD, PhD, Associate Professor

2022    Robin Kochel, PhD, Associate Professor

2021    Hyun-Kyoung Lee, MS, PhD, Associate Professor

2021    Stephanie Sisley, MD, Assistant Professor

2021    Bethanie Van Horne, MPH, DrPH, Assistant Professor

2021    Marisa Hilliard, PhD, Associate Professor

2021    Maria Kim, MD, MDc, Associate Professor

2021    Philip Lupo, PhD, Professor

2021    Benjamin Shneider, MD, Professor

2020    Jennifer Foster, MD, MPH; Assistant Professor

2020    Rayne Rouce, MD; Assistant Professor

2020    Sowdhamin Wallace, DO, MS; Assistant Professor

2020    Lisa Kahalley, PhD; Associate Professor

2020    Teresia O’Connor, MD, MPH; Associate Professor

2020    Connie Wiemann, PhD; Professor

2019    Keila Lopez, MD, Assistant Professor

2019    Michelle Lopez, MD, MPH; Assistant Professor

2019    Manish Shah, MD, MS; Associate Professor

2019    Yong Xu, MD, PhD; Associate Professor

2019    Robert Waterland, PhD; Professor

2019    Jeffrey Kim, MD; Professor

2018    Andrea Cruz, MD, MPH; Associate Professor

2018    Richard Kellermayer, MD, PhD; Associate Professor

2018    Stacey Berg, MD, Professor

2018    Deborah Thompson, PhD, RN; Professor

2017    Trung Nguyen, MD, Associate Professor

2017    Maria Redondo, MD, PhD, MPH; Associate Professor

2017    Bhagavatula Moorthy, PhD, Professor

2016    Donald (Will) Parsons, MD, PhD, Associate Professor

2016    Carla Davis, MD, Associate Professor

2016    Morven Edwards, MD, Professor

2016    Maria Elena Bottazzi, PhD, Professor

2015    Jean Rafael, MD, MPH; Associate Professor

2015    Jake Kushner, MD, Associate Professor

2015    Susan Blaney, MD, Professor

2013    Barbara Anderson, PhD, Professor

2012    Jesus Vallejo, MD, Associate Professor

2012    Sundararajah Thevnananther, PhD, Associate Professor

2012    Robert Shulman, MD, Professor

2011    Douglas Burrin, PhD

2011    Alison Bertuch, MD, PhD

2010    Gail Demmler, MD

2010    Stephen Gottschalk, MD

2010   Teresa Davis, PhD

2009   Edward Mason, PhD

2009   Michelle Mariscalco, MD

2008   Margaret Goodell, MD, PhD

2007   Jeffrey Towbin, MD

2007   Bhagavatula Moorthy, PhD

2006   Malcolm Brenner, PhD

2005   Morey Haymond, MD

2004   Cliona Rooney, PhD

2003   Helen Heslop, MD

2002   O’Brian Smith, PhD

2001   C. Wayne Smith, MD

2000   Sharon Plon, PhD

1999   Susan Henning, PhD