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Our Researchers

Co-Directors, Sickle Cell Program (research)

Dr. Fasipe's research interests are focused on understanding barriers to transitioning youth with sickle cell to adult care. She desires to improve readiness to transition through active training and mentorship programs. Additionally, she wants to understand the factors related to patients with high care utilization patterns, in particular those with recurrent pain encounters. Dr. Fasipe is working to provide interventions to help improve pain management and hence, decrease the burden of high utilization.


Dr. Tubman is a promising young investigator who has developed successful clinical and research partnerships in the USA and in sub-Saharan Africa. With this unique perspective on SCD, Dr. Tubman has created an innovative lens through which she pursues SCD research.



The long term goal of his research is to identify genetic variants that affect the clinical severity of patients with sickle cell anemia (SCA). Sickle cell anemia is a common disorder caused by a single mutation of the beta-globin gene but the individual severity of clinical outcome is highly variable. It is increasingly apparent that some of this variability is due to co-inheritance of genetic variants other than the SCA mutation.


Jean Raphael is a board-certified pediatrician and promising early stage investigator who has developed a research program focused on developing behavioral interventions to addressing health disparities among low-income racial/ethnic minority children. He has specifically used sickle cell disease as model of addressing minority health.

Dr. Jean Raphael's research interests are in transcranial doppler screening in sickle cell populations, quality improvement in sickle cell disease, and health disparities. 

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