Our Researchers


Dr. Kenneth McClain's research is focused on the clinical and biologic aspects of Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH). He is a key member of the clinical trials group of the Histiocyte Society. A number of clinical studies are in progress or development including new therapeutic interventions for CNS LCH. Current biologic studies in his lab are focused on determining the gene expression profiles Langerhans cells and lymphocytes from control and patient tissues and making clinical correlations.


Dr. Carl Allen is an associate professor of pediatric hematology-oncology. He is co-director of the Texas Children’s Cancer Center Histiocytosis and Lymphoma Programs with clinical and research focus is on understanding aberrant immune function in human disease, including histiocytic disorders, lymphoproliferative disorders and lymphomas.

The goal of his research is to improve outcomes for patients, with projects ranging from discovery of basic mechanisms of pathogenesis through implementation of multi-institutional clinical research trials.