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Program Highlights

Leadership in the Incorporation of Genetic Testing in Pediatric Oncology Clinical Practice

The Co-Directors of the Cancer Genetics & Genomics Program are leading large, federally funded clinical trials to investigate the application and utility of multiple types of genomic tests in the care of childhood cancer patients.

Highlights of Recent Products of Cancer Genetics and Genomics Program Research

As leaders in the use of genetic testing in pediatric oncology the Cancer Genetics and Genomics program frequently develops innovative clinical tools and use findings to inform clinical best practices. 

In addition to clinicians the program also has world class basic and translational researchers who generate high impact publications and  develop novel diagnostic/therapeutic products.

Dream Team

Texas Children’s Cancer Center is part of a Dream Team of childhood cancer researchers that will focus on melding the fields of genomics and immunotherapy to advance treatment for pediatric cancer.

The SU2C-St. Baldrick’s Pediatric Dream Team Translational Cancer Research Project will provide a total of $14.5 million over four years, including $3.3 million to BCM.

The Dream Team will work collaboratively to perform new analyses on childhood cancer genomes as well as normal childhood tissues to determine which molecules are on the surface of cancer cells but not normal cells. They will then create new immunotherapeutic drugs and approaches based on these discoveries.

The team will also develop a clinical trials consortium to test the new immunotherapeutic in children.

Parsons will head the genomics arm of the project and Dr. Nabil Ahmed will lead the immunotherapy side at the Center for Cell and Gene Therapy. Other dream team members include Drs. Malcolm Brenner, Ching Lau, Christopher Man, Xiao-Nan Li, David Wheeler, Dolores López-Terrada, Ricardo Flores, Angshumoy Roy, Matthew Baker, and Meenakshi Hegde.