Our Services

Biorepository services

  • Collecting, processing and distributing tumor and non-tumor specimens for protocols
  • Processing and storing blood, bone marrow and spinal fluid samples for protocols
  • Sample storage services in controlled -80 oC and LN2 freezers for protocols

Biochemical and Cell biology procedures services

  • Isolating mononuclear cells from bone marrow and/or blood samples
  • Extracting DNA and/or RNA from fresh or frozen samples

Cell culture Services

  • Establishing primary cell cultures from tissue samples,
  • Developing continuous cell lines from primary cultures, Preliminary characterization of cell cultures (morphology, growth characteristics, specific antigen expression testing etc.)
  • Cryopreserving (live cell freezing) cell cultures, cell suspensions
  • Complete media, Custom Cell Culture Media Preparation for protocols

Dry ice, Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) and CO2 support Service

  • RTSS has a reserved, Dry ice, LN2 and CO2 supply for shipping, transporting, or emergency use for customers

“Rent-a-Bench” and Equipment use Service

  • RTSS has designated clean bench spaces, work-stations, and equipment for short term, daily or periodic use for protocols

Shipping Service

  • Packing, handling and shipping biological materials according Class 6.2 Dangerous goods for protocols

Consultation, Advisory and Educational Services

  • Scientific assistance provided to principal investigators for planning and development of projects, identifying the needs, and determining how RTSS can support those.
  • Writing Standardized Operational Procedures (SOP) for protocols
  • Organizing and Presenting Scientific procedures for continuing educational purposes at different levels for specific target audition