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Clinical Trials

As part of one of the best developmental therapeutics programs in the country, our clinical pharmacologists conduct more clinical trials than any pediatric cancer center in the nation and are leaders in the development of new chemotherapy treatments for pediatric cancer.

For a complete list of clinical trials offered at Texas Children's Hospital, visit or view a list of our Featured Phase I and immunotherapy trials

More than 260 treatment studies

Texas Children's Cancer and Hematology Centers have more than 260 clinical trials underway to determine the safety and effectiveness of drug treatments in children. Approximately, 80% of our patients are involved in clinical trials. Frequently asked questions about clinical trials

The newest and most advanced therapies

Our Developmental Therapeutics Program has developed a number of new anti-cancer agents currently undergoing clinical trials within the Cancer Center, which means our patients have access to the newest and most advanced therapies. Learn about our Phase I Developmental Therapeutics Clinic

Every patient is considered for leading-edge therapies

Recognizing that clinical trials are the standard of care for all children with cancer, every eligible patient is considered for entry in National Cancer Institute-approved trials, and the vast majority are registered in these studies. These treatment protocols represent leading-edge therapies in the field, to provide the best treatments for children with cancer.

Supported by the National Institutes of Health

Many of the clinical trials performed at Texas Children's Cancer Center are supported in part by the hospital's National Institutes of Health-supported Clinical Research Center (CRC).