Patient Experience

How is Patient Satisfaction different than Patient Experience?

Patient Experience is assessed based on finding out from patients/families whether something that should happen in a healthcare setting actually happened or how often it happened (e.g. clear communication with a provider).  (AHRQ, 2018)

Patient Satisfaction is assessed based on whether a patient’s/family’s expectations about a health encounter were met or not.  (AHRQ, 2018)

Why is Patient Experience important?

Texas Children’s Hospital remains committed to improving our patients’ experience by continuing to collect family feedback in a variety of ways.  By benchmarking with our past performance and the performance of other leading children’s and women’s hospitals nationwide, we are always striving to improve.

What does Patient Experience measure?

Texas Children’s Hospital is committed to providing a high-quality service to ensure a positive and healing patient and family experience.  Patient Experience measures are in place to improve how our patients and families perceive the entire spectrum of their health encounter and not just one aspect of it.

What can YOU do as a parent or caregiver?  

Texas Children’s Hospital highly values feedback from patients and families.  All improvement efforts are directly related to the feedback received through our patient satisfaction surveys, which are administered anonymously by a third party company – Press Ganey Inc.