Patient Rooms


Hospital beds are higher than those at home, so please keep the side rails up for your child's safety. Your child can control the lights and television or call a nurse with either the control on the bed or the panel buttons at bedside.


There are telephones in each room. Local calls may be made by dialing 9, followed by the area code and the number. For operator assistance, dial 0. Long-distance calls cannot be charged to your hospital account. Special telephones are available for hearing-impaired patients and families. Private telephone booths are available on the 16th floor of the West Tower.


Each patient room includes a built-in flat-screen television with a blu-ray player. A TV guide can be obtained at the nurses’ station for a listing of programs and channels. Texas Children’s TV is Channel 16. This channel airs programs about Texas Children’s and its patient-care Centers of Excellence. A Spanish version is on Channel 17. General information about the hospital can be found in English on Channel 19 and in Spanish on Channel 20. Radio Lollipop airs on Channel 18.

Internet Access

Texas Children's offers free, high-speed wireless network access — called Care WiFi — that patients and visitors may access from throughout the hospital complex. A business center is located on the 16th floor of the West Tower.

Staying with your child

We encourage parents to play an active role in their child’s healthcare. While your child is at Texas Children’s, we encourage you or a responsible adult to stay with your child at all times. Please ask your child’s nurse for linens and other needed items for your overnight stay.

Sibling visitation policy

Siblings can visit a patient in the patient’s room. However, siblings younger than 14 years must schedule an appointment with the patient’s nurse and see a child-life specialist if the patient is in either of the intensive care units or the Progressive Care Unit.