Online Scheduling FAQs

Online Scheduling FAQs

  1. Who is DocASAP?
    DocASAP is Texas Children’s partner for online scheduling services. DocASAP supports the Texas Children’s scheduling service and appointment-related email or text messages.

  2. What if a patient has any issues scheduling an appointment online?
    For any scheduling questions, please contact Texas Children’s Customer Care Contact Center at 832-822-2778.

  3. Can patients with referrals make appointments through DocASAP online scheduling?
    Yes, when making an appointment, patients are asked whether they were referred by an outside provider. Texas Children’s will process all referral information.

  4. How can patients search for appointments?
    Patients can search and filter appointment results by location, provider and next available.  

  5. If a patient has an appointment booked at a particular time, can the patient book another appointment at the same time via DocASAP?
    No, the system does not allow a patient to book overlapping appointments.

  6. Can a patient book multiple visits with the same specialty in a given day or week?
    Yes. The system will allow up to 5 active appointments through DocASAP regardless of specialty (i.e. anywhere in the Texas Children’s system geographically or clinically) at any given time.

  7. Is online scheduling available in Spanish?
    Yes, appointment scheduling is also available in Spanish.

  8. What should patients do if a specific reason for visit isn’t listed?
    There are some limitations as to what appointment types and which reasons for visits are available for online scheduling. If for any reason a patient cannot schedule online via DocASAP, please call the Customer Care Contact Center at 832-822-2778.

  9. What internet browser provides patients with the best online scheduling experience?
    It is recommended you use the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. The scheduling feature is not compatible with Internet Explorer.