Newborn Physical Therapy

Your baby may receive a Physical Therapy (PT) / Occupational Therapy (OT) consult within five days of admission based on medical stability and diagnosis. Common reasons why a PT or OT provide therapy include prematurity, neurological involvement, respiratory concerns, cardiac disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, neural tube defect, cleft palate, or orthopedic/skeletal disorders.

A Physical Therapist and/or Occupational Therapist will work with your baby to assess motor skills, muscle tone, reflexes and state regulation. They will provide therapy to ensure continued development of motor and sensory skills. They will also teach you about infant development, positioning, tummy time, helping with coping skills and reading your baby’s stress cues. We encourage parents to observe and take part in treatment sessions.

Your baby will receive an Occupational Therapy consult if your baby has difficulty eating. The Occupational Therapist evaluates your baby’s feeding and makes recommendations for specific nipples/bottles and feeding techniques that might be helpful in feeding your baby.

For more information, consult your neonatologist.