Maquet Rotaflow


The Maquet Rotaflow is a special pump to be used for short periods of time to provide support for children with acute heart failure. It has a spinning motor that uses centrifugal force to push blood toward the outlet of the pump. This magnetically-driven pump “slings” the blood out to the rest of the body at a greater velocity than it entered. The increased blood flow can temporarily alleviate the symptoms of heart failure in the intensive care setting. The Maquet Rotaflow is a versatile support device that can be used in children of all sizes. 

Texas Children's Hospital is home to one of the largest pediatric heart programs in the nation. We also have one of the busiest pediatric Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) programs in the world. Our experience in treating patients with heart failure is leading the way in positive outcomes. Learn more about our Heart Failure Program online or call 832-82-HEART (43278).

Visit the Macquet Rotoflow website for more information on the device.