Hurricane Harvey: Texas Children's In the News

Texas Children's was highlighted by multiple media outlets during Hurricane Harvey for the organization's dedication to its patients, families and staff.

Inside the ‘impossible’ mission to rescue 33 kids desperate for dialysis during Harvey
9/1/17 - Huffington Post
Without timely treatment, these pediatric patients faced risk of death. Houston doctors and the Coast Guard swooped in to help.

Rescuing these kids was ‘mission impossible.’ Meeting them was mission adorable
9/5/17 - Huffington Post
Rescuing them was ‘mission impossible.’ Meeting them was mission adorable.

How Houston’s hospitals are coping with Harvey
8/30/17 - CBS
The disastrous flooding in and around Houston is a huge challenge for the region's medical centers. Around 20 hospitals have been evacuated or discontinued service in the greater Houston area since Harvey made landfall.

What happens when a hurricane hits a hospital
8/28/17 - TIME
When a hurricane hits Houston, it also threatens some of the world's leading medical care. South Texas has been enduring the worst storm to hit the U.S. in years in Hurricane Harvey, with flooded streets expected to persist for days. 

Floodgates around Houston hospital keep out floodwaters — and patients
8/28/17 - Washington Times
Texas Medical Center in Houston was able to open access points to the medical complex Monday afternoon but said that the status is subject to change depending on continued rain fall, the hospital announced on Twitter.

‘No amount of planning could have spared us’: How Texans experienced Harvey
8/31/17 - The New York Times
For days after Hurricane Harvey first hit the Houston area, the floodwaters kept rising. With thousands of people in the storm’s path, The New York Times wanted to hear directly from those who were affected by Harvey and its aftermath.

Siri saves sick girl from Harvey floodwaters
9/5/17 - CNN
Stranded outside in the rising waters of Hurricane Harvey, feverish and in great pain, 14-year-old Tyler Frank tried desperately to think of ways to get herself and her family to safety.