SOAR Program/High Risk Neonatal Follow-up Clinic

If you are a patient, please visit SOAR Program for more contact, scheduling, and location information.

Referring Provider Instructions

  1. Review referral criteria
    To ensure that your patient receives the best possible care, please review the referral guidelines below and submit the requested information.
  2. Infants should meet one or more of the following criteria:

    • <32 weeks gestation and/or <1500 grams at birth
    • Higher order multiples (> triplets)
    • Twin-to-twin transfusion
    • Multisystem congenital malformations
    • Medically complex (infant requires follow up with multiple sub-specialists and/or is considered medically fragile)
    • NICU course included > 1 of these risk factors:
      • Severe asphyxia
      • Severe IVH (intraventricular hemorrhage > grade III), moderate-severe ventriculomegaly, echolucency or echodensity
      • PVL (periventricular leukomalacia) or infarction
      • Meningitis, sepsis
      • Seizures and/or abnormal neurologic exam at discharge
      • Hyperbilirubinemia requiring exchange transfusion
      • Infant with prolonged or persistent respiratory disease of infancy, including predominantly BPD, especially if the infant is discharged home on oxygen, inhaled or oral respiratory therapies
      • Infant at high risk of persistent pulmonary disease, including infants born extremely prematurely (< 28 weeks PCA), those treated with prolonged oxygen or ventilation, or medical therapy for respiratory symptoms, even if the infant is no longer on therapy at the time of discharge from the NICU
      • IUGR and/or poor growth while in the NICU
      • Severe/complicated NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis), requiring close follow-up care

  3. Fax a copy of the patient’s Discharge Summary and Face Sheet (with Demographics and Insurance information) to 936-321-3271.

  4. If a Discharge Summary is not yet available, please provide a summary of the infant’s prenatal, birth, & NICU course to date (with the plan to send a copy of the full DC Summary s/p the infant’s discharge from your NICU).

  5. If your patient meets criteria for our SOAR Program, we will contact the patient’s parent/caregiver to complete a phone intake and schedule the infant’s initial visit with our SOAR team.

  6. To check on the status of a referral or for program related questions, please contact the SOAR clinic at 936-321-0808 or the nurse triage line at 832-828-4193.

Need Help?

If you are a referring provider’s office needing referral assistance or a provider needing to speak to an on-call specialist, please contact the Provider Connect team, M-F 8a-5p, excluding holidays:

  1. Phone: 832-TCH-CARE (832-824-2273)
  2. Toll-Free: 877-855-4857
  3. Email: