Surgery Research Fellowships

The Department of Surgery at Texas Children's Hospital offers clinical and basic science research fellowships in a multidisciplinary environment.

Research Fellowship: Wound Healing and Fetal Therapy

Our laboratory has a variety of interests related to wound healing and fetal therapy and exploring the mechanisms underlying scarless dermal wound healing in the fetus with a specific focus on the role of adhesion molecules in fetal inflammation. We are using transgenic mouse models in exploring the contributions of various molecules to the fetal healing response. Collaboration with industry has yielded the opportunity to explore the effects of a variety of agents on the wound healing response in general. A clinical component of our wound healing work is a prospective randomized trial of negative pressure wound therapy in children. We are also involved in the development of animal models of fetal anomalies and the design and perfection of in-utero fetal therapeutic techniques prior to clinical application. Fellows in our laboratory have the opportunity to engage in a wide array of basic science and clinical research projects. There are currently 7 IACUC-approved animal protocols and 12 IRB-approved clinical protocols to choose from. There is an opportunity to maintain surgical skills, performing large animal surgery (pigs and sheep) as well as microsurgery (fetal mice). The opportunity for limited involvement with the fetal program is available. Interested candidates should contact the program director listed below.

Clinical Call? No
Mechanism of Support: Institutional, NIH and Industry Funding