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Performance Feedback and Evaluations

Formal and Informal Performance Evaluations. Trainees participate in formal and informal performance evaluations, as well as feedback conferences, throughout all rotations in the training program. These mutual evaluations are accomplished electronically using the MedHub program implemented by Baylor College of Medicine. Formal evaluations of conference presentations, clinical rotations, and overall performance reports are reviewed with the trainee on a regular basis.

Bi-annual Progress Reviews with Chief of Service and Program Directors. In addition, each fellow meets twice yearly with the Chief of Service, Dr. Susan Blaney, and fellowship leaders,Dr. Youngna Lee-KimDr. Phil Steuber and Dr. Amber Yates. They review the fellows’ evaluations and overall progress as well as their Individualized Learning Programs (ILPs).

Monthly Group Discussions. Drs. Blaney, Lee-Kim, Steuber and Yates meet with the fellows as a group on a monthly basis to address programmatic issues. These meetings provide fellows with an opportunity to discuss issues regarding the curriculum and its implementation. The meetings also serve as a forum to resolve issues that are identified as impediments to the learning experience.